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3 Dead in Sydney Hostage Siege

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  1. alex104er

    It was terrorism!!!!!

  2. gwgw kal

    So the police killed two civilians ?? 

  3. Sophia Nguyen

    This is where Call of Duty comes in handy

  4. John Messiah

    Islam is a mental disease that results in a dangerous pathology

  5. eternalsunny

    He was in plane sight for a sniper to take him out and would have saved the
    2 hostages killed! Islam=Satanic evil blood and death cult!

  6. Asim Ullah

    Why didn’t sniper shot the fuc@#&&ker in the head when he had the chance?
    Sorry for the Lose of two innocent life.
    Islam have nothing to do with it. Lunatics are part of every race, religion
    etc. So Don’t blame entire race, religion for act of some piece of shit.
    Thoughts and prayers goes to victims families. 

  7. Sean Hendy

    Got to love the inaccuracies of this report.

    The windows lit up with gunfire – umm no. They’re stun grenades?!

    Person surrendering – actually, that’s a hostage?!

    Get a grip ABC. As a Brit outsider looking in on US reporting and media,
    that isn’t just careless reporting, it’s negligent.

  8. zigyzigy13

    So FAKE. Just like their White FAKE smile, FAKE moonlanding, FAKE love,
    FAKE relationship, FAKE marriage, FAKE medicines, FAKE gmo food, FAKE
    history, FAKE terririst created by the Whites etc and etc. As you can tell,
    everything is FAKE in White society.

    Clap clap.

  9. he11b1ade

    It’s well known that government authorities often do things that don’t make

    But here, against a lone gunman, the police go in there and fires like 50
    rounds in 20 seconds. You have to wonder what the hell he was firing at,
    and you wonder if the police are the ones who shot the 2 hostages.

    Then there’s the problem of the gunman. A refugee who is clearly insane
    (from murder and sexual assault allegations to walking around the street
    with written messages on a piece of board. You also have to wonder, why
    the hell did you let this guy in as a refugee and why the hell was he NOT

  10. affma nut

    I’m white and from the uk, and have lived in oz and I can tell you
    Australia is racist to the core and corrupt in every aspect of society from
    politics to police. its a putrid country, nice weather but putrid in every
    other way.

  11. JD D

    It has happened. I can’t believe it. Muslim Extremist. IS Lone Wolf style.

  12. MaddyGascar216

    Let me get this straight. They let an extreme radical Muslim known to be
    ultra violent and posing a real, credible and immediate threat to
    civilians, who was on bail for multiple heinous crimes, just walk about
    Sydney without any hinderance or surveilance- sure why would they want to
    watch him he was only well known to pose significant threat to life and
    property! Something about this story just doesn’t add up.

  13. Derek Geerin

    ok, I’m Australian and I work in Sydney, The gunman was out on bail for
    numerous crimes, (something is wrong with the judicial system) he had his
    ex wife murdered by his current girlfriend, hacked to death and set alight,
    he sent hate letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed on duty
    in Afghanistan saying they were child murderers, he raped 7 women while
    acting as a religous spiritual healer…..yes he should never have been let
    out on bail….This man should have been shot the second he showed his face
    in the window…..The manager of the cafe was killed wrestling the gun from
    Man Monis’s hands when he started to fall asleep and the woman who died was
    shot by him while protecting her pregnant friend….and some people say he
    shouldnt have been killed? get real! he deserved to die and rot in hell
    where he is now. but he acted alone! The muslim community have long since
    deemed him a radical and rejected him….the majority of Muslims in this
    country are peaceful loving people. People saying we should have talked to
    him? He was contacted by police and police were in negotiations with him
    after the 5 original hostages escaped (with police assistance) This man was
    a nutjob and acted alone, he derserved to die. He fired first and after
    the first shots were heard, police then stormed the cafe….my prayers go
    out to the 2 innocent people who died during this crisis and their
    families…2 people who wont spend christmas with their families this year
    because of one deranged lunatic…..

  14. BlazingsNL

    Counter terrorists win.

  15. Chris Lee

    I have a bad feeling that the 2 ppl that died might have been friendly
    fire..hopefully not. 

  16. Bob Shelton

    Where was Obama!!! Oh, he was in Benghazi getting abortioned. Thanks
    Obama. *Benghazi!!!!!!!!*


    islam showing its fine colors once again.

  18. I Insult The Prophet

    This was a perfectly sane man that was simply following the dictates of his
    religion (3:151, 8:12, etc). Every time some some Mohammedan blows himself
    up in a crowd, blows up others, shoots people dead, beheads someone, etc.
    the left-wing radical nutjobs come out of the woodwork to tell us it is A:
    some deranged madman and NOT religion or B: actually OUR fault for our
    foreign policy. Well, the vast majority of us are not buying into the
    radical left-wing bullshit. It is ISLAM that drives people to do things
    like this. To their credit, we don’t see the Amish and Jains blowing
    themselves up or taking people hostage and shooting them. Furthermore, it
    has NOTHING to do with aggressive foreign policy. Muslims have murdered 270
    million people in wars of conquest SINCE their religion was invented in the
    7th century. They don’t kill because of foreign policy! This is laughable.
    Their religion is based on conquest! They kill to build a global caliphate
    and implement Sharia law. If Islam is the disease, what then is the cure??
    Mass deportation, universal surveillance, laws that prevent its spread
    (e.g. hijab bans), Quran burnings, Muhammad drawings, pig blood in mosques
    and yes, drones, airstrikes, torture and ultimately (if Muslims resort to
    weapons of mass destruction) the big one – a nuke to take out the Ka’aba
    and other nukes to turn the city of Mecca into glass. NOW is the time to
    get tough on Islam…

  19. Mohamed Algahim

    The ISIS aren’t Muslims! Our religion does not allow killing innocent human
    being whether they are Black, White, Asian or any other race! If one kills
    for no reason and his aim is to harm others he is not a Muslim and does not
    believe in our beliefs! Those people are putting out a wrong imagine to the
    people! RIP to the people who died in this horrifying incident and may
    Allah be with them and their families! 

  20. Adolf Hitler

    Fun fact: Iran actually actually requested to deport Man Haron Moris and
    bring him to Iran to be arrested in 2000. Australia denied.

  21. ThePagarhalaman

    I am a muslim, f@$K me right ?

    Sorry about the attack on Sydney which cost 2 innocent life.
    Thoughts and prayers goes to victims families.
    and much respect for the #illridewithyou

    in the end, it was a very bad day for all of us.

  22. hyperceptional

    This guy really should have been in jail / deported from Australia a long
    time ago. At the same time I’m all for rights and equality for all though,
    the answer is more engagement and understanding of muslims so you can
    identify the crazy ones easier.

    Even then, just like all crazies from any race/religion, you just can’t
    stop them all. Now i know the answer a lot of people have is : “why should
    we be taking these efforts when they are in OUR country? just deport the
    bastards” or, “our government is run by anti Australian assholes” But
    think about this, the majority decides to let these people into the
    country, it does sound unfair but more hate is far from an option”

    Still, respect to the police, could have been worse.

  23. TheIrishWarrior1917

    Don’t let all the tears from the Muslims fool you. They’re only crying to
    get pity so they can push for more Islam. They’re fucking shit people and
    anyone supporting them is a bloody fuck wit.

  24. BelgianGurista

    I install internet for an isp. People who are Muslim are the nicest people
    I meet on my job. Everyone needs their internet, so I get to meet every
    kind of human out there.
    Last week a Belgian family asked me to eat along spaghetti with them. I
    nearly fainted.
    I get tea and cookies and I got to taste different plates on the Eid. The
    Sugar Fest for Muslims.
    Those people are feeling ashamed and worth less then the natives.
    Well done everyone.

  25. jamban jambam

    i’m a muslim, but FUCK ISIS STUPID BUTTHOLE that made islam is a ‘terrorist
    religion’ if you american’s didn’t kill sadam hussein thres no isis

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