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A group of hostages run from Sydney cafe hostage situation

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  1. arizonaviking

    God doesn’t take hostages or kills people.
    People with gods take hostages and kill people.

  2. pg955203

    What is that bulldozer doing over there? He should move in and lead the

  3. LeFawkes

    Far too many rounds shot ….. that shootout (20 policemen vs one
    terrorist) lasted way too long (20 secs). That is of course only true IF
    the terrorist did not start the shootout which is still not confirmed

  4. HellGamer

    What the fuck is up with these pussylms? God save us..

  5. graceCup

    I wouldn’t have ever expected this happening in Australia…
    Yet, after I watched this live for three hours, I think that the
    Australians are very professional and empathetic. Too bad they didn’t
    manage to save all of the hostages…

  6. Richard Taylor

    OK for all of you conspiracy theorist, that have made this disgusting nest
    of putrid ignorance called the RT(or where ever you are reading this)
    comment section your home, who seem to think that the world is being run by
    illuminati jews orchestrating EVERYTHING that goes wrong including the
    weather: The only simple piece of logic I need to use to refute you is
    Occam’s Razor……BOOM get fucked.

    For you ignorant pieces of shit that don’t understand it look at this:'s_razor


    Still don’t understand? Its ok reading comments on RT has destroyed your
    critical thinking capabilities. Let me explain….. Your idea that
    everything is a well orchestrated plot would mean that your explanation is
    super complicated. There are a lot of people who have to know about it.
    There are a lot of moving parts. If somebody messes up then it fucks up the
    whole plan. In most actual known conspiracies there are dissenters that

    No. In actuality you are all just morons. The simplest explanation is there
    is no deep undercover plot. This makes it logically and much more
    probabilistic that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY! lol. It is pretty simple
    reasoning. It just wouldn’t work. Humans are not that reliable. We make
    mistakes; we get cold feet.

    In summary if you are an idiot that believes in the Illuminati or that this
    was a false flag etc. then, well, you are an idiot. You don’t understand
    simple logic and probability. For those on the fence about actually buying
    into this shit: use your fucking head people. 😀 rant over

  7. marpol111

    More multiculti more cultural marxism…hehehe

  8. Masteadi

    Dam, with those fuking muslims. Hope Europe will woke up, and fuk all this
    shitty ppl to their own countries

  9. KillinDaWelfareMCs

    Listen people. 99% of the people you see with turbans and beards in your
    ABUSE SIKHS, who are the most prevalent wearers of turbans in western
    societies. SIKHS ARE NOT MUSLIM, infact they have a proud heritage of
    fighting extremist muslims/islam, Every time something like this happens
    stupid people attack Sikhs in retaliation. Get informed to dumb rednecks.
    When you see a guy on the street with a Turban he is 99% a Sikh and NOT a
    MUSLIM or middle eastern. Sikhs don’t believe in Mohammed or the Koran and
    are from India ect..

  10. Dee Troi Escala

    A lot more will come… Australian should start to move…

  11. aziz3132

    why all these bullets . he is only one guy . stupid police . 

  12. Charmayne Davies

    When you hear the gun go off before the group run out literally sent
    shivers right through my body and then seeing the 5 or so people run for it
    makes my whole body shake. It seriously must of been the most scariest
    thing and I cannot imagine how they must of felt, and how they just bolted
    down the street. Jarrod Hoffman is running so fast he almost crashes into a
    police officer and he isn’t seen in the photos because his already sprinted
    around the corner. Completely shocking. 

  13. scott dyet

    if say the person that is involved in this incident in Australia were to
    represent the western style terrorists that do the dirty work of the
    western powers who really benefits from this sort of incident the western
    style media or there political masters who will use it for there own

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