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ABP News debate on Sydney siege l Are we ready to tackle terror attacks?

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  1. Mohit Kamboj

    Paid media walo ab bolo ye bhi modi ke wajhe se hua hai. 

  2. ritesh kumar

    des jab tak muslim atank ko secularism ke nam pe rajniti krne wale
    congress, SP, JDU, se mukt bhart bnna hoga atankbad apne ap smapt ho

  3. ritesh kumar

    Mr. Surjewal ji Muslim atankwad h honesty se accept kre phir dekhe modi ka
    kmal ghatiya chutiyapa chod de.

  4. Galaxy Bright

    This debate is on security of our country

    Dont compare this with political problems

    Some one is saying here… hamari sarkar jo hai majboot sarkar hai . Sarkar
    koi majboor nahi. This is not a answer
    sarkar majboot hai bahut achi baat hai
    Kya aise hamle ke rok tham ke liye hamari security officers defence
    officrrs tayar hai aise hamlawar ko jawaab dene ke liye.
    People of india wants to know we are secure are not

    I request to ABP NEWS for like this debates dont call a local politicians
    any party ka adhyaksh
    call any responsisle persons form security of india

  5. jo man

    since 9/11 whites are playing muslim card to get at coloured and asian
    workers. spread fear so these workers run straight into the arms of white
    security and become easy to manipulate. there is no white fatalities.
    this is propaganda to control the people of world who are not whites.
    whites and muslims are partners in crime. if you believe this story then
    you will believe anything like americans landed on the moon. 

  6. Bobby Chauhan Zonal Coordinator AAP

    security lapse is every where in the regime of this govt and they say
    majboot sarkar !! what majboot sarkar is this when china enters your land ,
    when pakistan is threatening and killing indian soldiers and local people !
    what majboot sarkar ? the maulana is very right here , modi is not bothered
    about such issues he is just busy in campaigning for his party !

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