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ARIRANG NEWS 20:00 Hostage situation unfolds at cafe in Sydney, Australia

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    ARIRANG NEWS 20:00
    In the headlines…
    Five people escape from a Sydney cafe where a gunman took an unknown number
    of hostages. The gunman is reportedly demanding an ISIS flag and a phone
    call with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
    Japanese Prime Minister Abe pledges to move forward with his economic
    revitalization plans after winning control of the lower house of parliament
    in weekend elections.
    North Korea pledges to open a new era under Kim Jong-un′s leadership…
    ahead of the three year anniversary of the death of former leader Kim

    Title: Hostage situation unfolds at cafe in Sydney, Australia
    We begin with the hostage situation in Sydney,… where police say dozens
    have been held captive since Monday morning, local time.
    For more, we now go live to Paul Yi, who′s been following this story.
    Paul, what′s the latest?
    PY: Well, about six hours into the seige, we saw five hostages making a
    dramatic escape from inside the Lindt chocolate cafem, which is located in
    downtown Sydney.
    The Korean consulate there has confirmed that one of them is a
    Korean-Australian who was being held inside.
    Police are currently interviewing those that have gotten out,… but it is
    unclear whether they escaped or were released.
    Amid the standoff,… Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed the
    nation,… and urged people to stay calm.
    “Australia is a peaceful open and generous society, nothing should ever
    change that. And that′s why I would urge all Australians today to go about
    their business as usual.”
    Abbot also provided a national security hotline should people suspect that
    another attack is in the works.
    He is scheduled to provide another update in just a few hours.
    ANCHOR: So, police have yet to identify the man who is behind this
    attack,… but there have been photos of people holding up a black flag
    with white Arabic writing on it?
    PY: That′s right.
    The flag raised suspicions that the attack could be linked to Islamic State
    Some local news networks have reportedly made contact with those trapped
    inside the cafe.
    And they say that the lone gunman is warning that four bombs have been
    planted around the city.
    However, police have warned against any speculation.

    “We can not be engaged in any speculation but let it also be reassured that
    we are monitoring all forms of communication, whether that is Facebook or
    Twitter, for any information that might assist… . It′s really important
    that you pass it on because even the smallest snippet of information might
    be vital.”
    Local and federal authorities have cordoned off the area,… and are also
    temporarily controlling the air space above Sydney.
    They added that the number of hostages still inside cannot be confirmed,…
    but they have said the number is lower than 30.
    This is obviously a very fluid situation that we′ll continue to keep an eye
    on… for any developments. Paul Yi, reporting live from the Arirang News
    Title: Ja

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