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ATN 7 NEWS Sydney 21102004

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  1. francis1971

    Do you have anymore videos featuring Naula Hafner?

  2. ouivuwah

    I actually like that set better – there’s something about it that makes the
    bulletin seem less stale, and the news seem more current or sharp or
    sophisticated or something (Can’t quite put my finger on it).

  3. aussieyimon

    I agree. The way you could see traffic and pedestrians behind the news
    readers made it feel very immediate. It was my favourite set, and I think
    it was the first time in Sydney (perhaps Australia) that a news studio had
    a live, street-level backdrop.

  4. Mike Beckham

    It is also a great national set for 11.30am and 4.30pm News.

  5. Philip Deakin

    nulla was great lol

  6. Dylan Websdane


  7. VictorYong36

    Fantastic!!1 Glad that Perth kept this until around 2010 when the had that
    wooden crap thingy.

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