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Australia’s Wonderland Sydney – Channel 7 News Report on Wonderland Nov 2013

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  1. manbearpig900

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something similar back in the area. It
    would be nice to see a proper wooden rollercoaster back in Australia.

  2. 1MRCyprus

    I went there when i was 6 years old i loved the wonderland to come back

  3. hamish uebergang

    where will they build it

  4. jakemusictvs

    I don’t like water parks but to see a new fun park (similar to Wonderland)
    back in Sydney would be great. I would be there in the first few weeks
    (preferably on a less crowded day). :)

  5. Jimmy Christian

    build next to wet n wild, and have a season pass together. generate more

  6. jigsterify

    I think it would be a real mistake to just put back bush beast mk II etc
    back in the park because of some romantic notion people have of the past.
    Those rides were state of the art back in 1985. We need the best roller
    coasters of TODAY, ones that are in six flags theme parks in the US. Do a
    google search on Top 10 roller coasters in the US. We want state of the art
    rides now we are not living in 1985

  7. conker3425

    HOLY CRAP! I think I just came in my pants! Wonderland was the best thing
    ever and I was really sad when it closed! So glad they are bringing it
    back! :D

  8. Stacey O

    YES ! YES! YES! Bring it back! This is such good news! Will it be in the
    original spot? …Bush beasty making a comeback! yesssssssssssss! I love
    Australia’s Wonderland.. I have since I was 5 years old :)

  9. Turksta TRK

    Dreamworld….. lunar park got nothing on wonderland ITS WONDERLAND man i
    miss it so much greatest place assured please bring it back




    does anyone have a time machine 

  12. Clarence Benjee

    its coming back !!! 

  13. Assad Ali

    It would cost a lot more now to build anything close to its size. Land
    values and construction costs are much higher than say 1986

  14. Finn Col

    I love theme parks but sadly Sydney doesn’t have any good ones so this

  15. Andrew Barry

    Was nothing but a land grab. Wish it didn’t have to close and make way for
    multinational corporations. Waste of time if as expensive as wet and wild.

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