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BREAKING NEWS: Upto 20 Hostages Held In Sydney Cafe, BLACK FLAGS IN WINDOW!

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  1. Juice Slayer

    Aussies are racist enough, this is going to only worsen that.. 

  2. Glenboy21

    Aussies do false flags hard. Look up Port Author. Cops killed 30 tourists
    and blamed a mentally ill person. What it achieved was a total ban of
    semi-automatic rifles throughout Australia. Looks for big consequences from
    this if it gets messy

  3. MattDeMille

    Didn’t Australia give up their guns in recent years?

    This is one reason to have our 2nd amendment. Just sayin’.

  4. Boogie man


  5. spekgirl1

    JESUS is coming back VERY soon! 

  6. Christina Beauchamp

    So why are all of the faces fogged out? Are they afraid the HOSTAGES will
    be recognized by their families???
    If I was held hostage, I would want EVERYONE to SEE my face so then I
    could be rescued. I’m calling BS on this so-called crisis.

  7. penn jillette

    kick out all the fucking muslims out of australia.

  8. coojsta69

    I hope these fuckwits are not legal gun owners !

  9. TheAmazingBassist

    Shit’s hitting the fan.

  10. synthien1982

    Blame this guy, he let’s in security threats to our country

    David Manne
    RILC Executive Director,
    Principal Solicitor and Migration Agent (MARN 0001707)

  11. ray bow

    This has false flag written all over it. They (the powers who want to be)
    need to convince the general public that ISIS is a direct threat to the
    west. Please do not agree to losing more of your liberties in exchange for
    more security.

  12. deborah cutler

    Australia: you have been warned of the impact of having larger and larger
    Muslim communities for a long time, but you turned a blind eye because of
    your political correctness and naivety. In Melbourne, women are now scared
    to get in taxis because many have been assaulted by and sexually harassed
    by Muslim taxi drivers who are taking over the city’s taxi firms. If you
    continue to ignore the Islamisation problem, very bad things WILL come your

  13. lowaces

    pedophile muhamed burns in hell

  14. Nito Gravelord

    Their objective is to destroy the western civilization and our leaders
    shove them into our countries, with this continuous bullshit of forced race
    mixing, forced multiculturalism, etc
    multiculturalism = genocide of europe. A tree without roots will fall,
    don’t forget your roots! Africa fro the africans, asia for the asians,
    europe for everyone!

  15. Moana Reid

    BuuuuulllllllllllShiiiiiiiiittttttttttt…. jajajaja

  16. t4705mb6

    *This is the process the criminal international globalists are using to set
    up their “allies” for the fast approaching next world war.*
    You’ll see.

  17. Mark Walther

    Didn’t I see this in a few movies already?

  18. DiscipleOf TheWatch

    And watch, the first response of the media and authorities will be to make
    sure everyone understands “this has nothing to do with Islam”. That seems
    to be top priority in these situations. Then we’ll hear the Muslims on the
    TV and radio bleating about how they’re scared of “hate crimes” fueled by
    “Islamophobia”. Isn’t it funny, we don’t seem to have to worry about
    Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Hindus beheading us in the street or
    blowing us up. It only seems to be Muslims. I wonder if it’s got anything
    to do with the Qur’an telling it’s followers to kill the unbelievers? Oops,
    I think I’m coming down with a nasty case of Islamophobia…

  19. Dustin D

    Another false flag

  20. Selma


  21. lowaces

    how many of you know muahmed was a pedophile who liked to fuck the thighs
    of his 6 year old wife, and then the scumbag would make the little girl
    clean up his cum

  22. stuff2you

    for fuck sake, stupid people and their stupid ideologies, FUUUUUCKKK!!!!
    I’m so over people being depressed to the point where they would commit
    sensless immature fucked up inconsiderate acts such as these!!! we are all
    fucking human you stupid monkeys fucking grow up (white people and black
    people all people!!) FUCKING “PEOPLE!!!!” we are all human and want to live

  23. Gemma Dalmas

    this place is like atleast 1 hour away from me. can i say how fucked our
    world is, innocent people dying from sick people. i dont care what color
    you are nor what you speak you still have no right to kill anyone.. this
    makes me sick. we need a world where you dont have to be afriad in.

  24. PrayerDaily

    Well, I guess they got bored with the Ebola Hoax. 🙂 Time to move on to the
    next manufactured crisis ! Nicely done, people, nicely done.

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