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Commandos end Sydney cafe siege

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  1. Jonathan J Sheppard

    time fora selfie? 

  2. Robbie Kenneally

    No it isn’t over. ?

  3. Sgt Ultra

    First? Lol

  4. Jamie smith

    I’d like to know what the hell Man Monis was trying to accomplish with
    doing all of this, people like him don’t deserve to live on this planet.

  5. Tearsoflove21

    is any hostage dead or just injured let me know i am so scary

  6. CallumVlog

    If there were no religion this wouldn’t of happened, nor even 9/11 or any
    other terrorist attacks..

  7. Phillip Pirikahu

    Commandos? You mean armoured police..?

  8. Werok Jopie

    Comandoes? SAS not spread the bullets like that against 1 gunmen with
    hostages …


    So, umm—I wonder what the Michael Brown Police Protesters think of all
    this EXCESSIVE FORCE by police? I’m sure if they were one of the hostages
    with a terrorist gun pointed at their head they won’t want the police to do
    anything out of the ordinary. Maybe, say, just talk sweet thingys to the
    terrorist gunman and hope for the best.

  10. Hyperion 88

    Sounds good to me. All Muslim terrorists should get a loud and happy ending
    just like that.

  11. deborah cutler

    Oh well, we’ll still have Australian and British politicians trying to
    persuade us all that cultural diversity “enriches” our society and that
    most Muslims are “nice peope” and are “moderate”. However, the global
    incidence of Muslim terrorism, honour killings, honour attacks, FGM,
    antisemitic attacks, homophonic attacks, sharia zones, hostile school
    takeovers etc etc clearly points to a population that is best confined to
    Muslim lands. Silly stupid sheeple of all Western countries, wake up

  12. Outy1 G

    Well played by police govt etc, just wait for the hostages to try to rescue
    themselves, Then kick in the doors.
    That way there is no innocent blood on there hands.

  13. Stanxml

    The Australian police shortcomings in dealing with this lunatic are a
    smoking gun!
    The Lunatic with a gun was under their nose, they have amazing
    technologies, if they wanted they would’ve finished this “play” in the
    first few minutes/hours by taking him out, without any casualties.
    Why did they allow him to continue and wasted 17 hours until the expected
    happened and innocent people lost their lives? 

  14. Enquire Expose

    there was one lunatic. 15 hostages. they could have taken him down if they
    had learnt some self-defence. 5 people ran for their lives. 3 men and 1
    sporty female. would you run away or would you stay and try to help in this
    situation? did the gunman hold a gun to someone’s head the whole time? It’s
    physically impossible to keep your arm in a fixed position for so long. he
    would have lowered his hand. I would have attacked him when his hand was
    pointing to the hostage’s leg maybe. a gunshot wound to the leg is always
    better than one to the head. we need to become stronger as a nation to save
    ourselves from these fools

  15. jimeca

    Irani refugee? :S :S What was his motive? Oh so sad… sad people loose
    hope and do this kind of actions.. sending love to all of the world!!

  16. james altor

    R.I.P. But I can not believe 15 people couldn’t handle one single man. If I
    was there I attacked even die because one die better than all.

  17. Kim David

    We should kill all Islam. All Islams are like shit. Come on just kill them
    all for peaceful

  18. knight night

    1, AU police failed to protect hostages lives, event when they were
    challenged by just one undetermined gunman who took no actions for 17
    hours, and fall asleep before the shootout.
    2, AU judicial system failed to prevent this, this man with accessory
    murdering charge and 50 counts other criminal offences, yet still allowed
    to walk free on streets.
    3, AU anti-terrorism policy failed to make the country safer, it only
    planted more hatred, and finally led this to its door step.

  19. brah ket

    Splain something to me…Why would an Iranian self proclaimed Sheik qua
    Cleric be inspired by Sunni influenced ISIL…and why a well educated
    middle aged fellow would pull such amateurish plot without even say an
    automatically detonating jacket bomb when incapacitated by sniper fire or
    commando raid, not to mention having multiple remotely controlled bombs
    planted around the environ before attacking the primary target?

  20. WelshWidgetMan2O1O

    Sure is a good thing Australia banned guns so nothing like this could ever
    happen here . . . It’s rather clear that banning firearms doesn’t do jack
    shit if you’re intent on hurting people.

    To the Americans, don’t ever let your country take your guns the way they
    did with us. Regardless of all the rubbish some of these clowns like to
    say, letting your government ban firearms and claiming they’ll “keep you
    safe” is THE biggest mistake you will ever make if you let this happen.

  21. barbara walker

    The magistrate who gave him bail needs to hold his head in shame!likewise
    the lawyer who asked for bail.This whole scenario is the fault of the bail

  22. deborah cutler

    Nuke Mecca and eliminate all Muslim cockroaches. Muslims have a death and
    pain-obsessed backward culture and religion

  23. anannya gurung

    Its so heartbreaking !! Why is it always Islams… God bless us all

  24. iSPRAYful

    Bom has been planted . Terrorist WIN ! 16-6

  25. The old chap

    more muslims = more terror

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