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Earth Pole Reversal, BIG Solar Eruption | S0 News October 15, 2014

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  1. Ninth Heretic

    don’t postpone your dreams.

  2. Victor Bitter

    thanks for the news. I survived the blizzard in Sydney. cheers s0 n s0’s.

  3. kevin bauer

    Good morning Ben and Kat. Thank-you for the upload and comprehensive
    coverage of the Space News and Weather Ben. Excellent if not somewhat
    disturbing report today.
    Was it my imagination or did that M-Flare coming of the Sun not look
    like the Plasma beginnings of a Galaxy that we see in Computer models of
    the Electric Universe presentations? I noticed how it seem to spiral
    outward from the Sun almost in an extended coma like formation. That was a
    great shot.
    There have been some assertions that when the Magnetic Poles do decide
    to flip,that it can happen within a Day or a couple of weeks.Any thoughts
    to that? It’s hard to know for certain how fast it will occur as there are
    no real Human records of such an Event,just geological but that when the
    Poles migration reaches a “Tipping Point” it will speed up the flip.
    Peace Y

  4. Janice Greer

    Great Job!!! Thanks for all your hard work Ben, Kat, crew and all 0’s
    across this globe we call home!!! 48 degrees here in the piney woods of
    Texas heading to the mid 70’s with lots of sunshine…. prefect weather to
    get out and clean up in the yard after Mondays storms!!! What a difference
    a day makes…. not going to over do it today, for I do not wish to have a
    relapse from this flu… I think I will enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on
    tap for today!!! My thoughts and well wishes for all who have found
    themselves with a dip or bump on the path in this journey we call life…
    the human spirit is amazing!!! Never forget that!!! Any how and any road
    folks, how lucky can one girl be that she has met some of the most amazing
    folks at the crossroads!!! You make my treck, my waltzing with Matilda so
    much smoother with the info you share!!! Peace to You and Yours Without Ill
    Will Intent and Prejudice!!!

  5. stardust51

    goodmorning every one,i am typing with my left hand because the right is to
    painful,still following the news Ben on facebook,thank you so much for
    every thing you do,the one you made today has a great of value in the life
    off men kind.
    For the doom players i would say eat this,there is no way around it any
    more,long live the facts ;),a big hug from me and lots of love ♥♥♥.btw this
    weekend we can BBQ we are going to get temperatures from 23 c 😉 

  6. TrindyForce

    A magnetic pole reversal about this time links up with some of the esoteric
    woohoo that I’ve been keeping an eye on. A man by the name of Drunvalo
    Malchizadek predicts that sometimes before 2016 there will be a magnetic
    pole reversal in which Earth’s magnetic fields disappear, plunging all
    lifeforms on Earth into about 72 hours of darkness. Following this he says
    the Earth will ascend to the 4th demention or some shit. I find it quite
    odd that these events are coinciding so well, but there is a chance that
    Mr. Malchizadek has a basic understanding of the Earth’s magnetism and
    understood that this event would begin sometime around now long before
    anybody else. I find this all to be very suspicious, and I intend to
    monitor his, and his group’s, activities in the following months. 

  7. Stephen P. Shaw

    Morning 0bservers. Appreciate the news and platform you offer to us Ben.
    Most unique community on YouTube, hands down.
    Hurricane update:
    Gonzalo may impact Newfoundland by Sunday.
    “Strong category 3 hurricane
    Location: 23.1°N 67.7°W
    Max sustained: 125 mph
    Moving: NW at 13 mph
    Min pressure: 951 mb
    Issued at 800 AM AST WED OCT 15 2014″

  8. Eric Schroeder

    Fracking caused hundreds of earthquakes along a previously undiscovered
    fault line in Ohio. That’s the conclusion of research by scientists at
    Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc. (ISTI) and the Ohio Department of
    Natural Resources (ODNR), who published their findings in the most recent
    issue of the journal Seismological Research Letters (SRL).

  9. Claude McGovern

    A pole shift on Earth isn’t going to be pleasant. Researchers have been
    reporting that global upheaval has occurred several times in our ancient
    past. From what I have studied, there will be crustal displacement. Take
    the Mammoth Elephants that were found frozen with tropical vegetation in
    their stomachs as well as Alaska was once in a tropical zone. The list is
    long and heed needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Do your own research
    and see what you come up with. I find the report interesting and the
    timing is interesting too. Keep an open mind folks and have a great day.

  10. John Don

    Nothing is going to happen anytime soon, we can all relax. Just
    another soothsayer. How many times has fools like this guy been warning
    people about end of world disasters and it hasn’t happened. How many more
    years are you going to be worrying about crap that is not going to happen?

  11. Bernard Coldwell

    Shared with my circles

    *20141015* Massive CME and Earthquake update with Earths Polar Reversal

  12. Pyra Gorgon

    Why do I have a feeling that our future is not going to be so hot?

  13. ne1cup

    to me the left side of the globe is the western rim? any who, thank s for
    the excellent video. ( not bad for a Buckeye)

  14. upgrader99

    “And in today’s news… DOOOOOOOOM!!!!” – Morbo the Annihilator

  15. StrifeRaider

    I wouldn’t mind a long video about this subject and whats precisely ahead
    of us in this pole flip. I tried to look it up but I’m not understanding
    half of whats being written could use a guiding hand sort of speak 🙂 

  16. Peggy Genoway

    There is a Divine Intelligence at work here, so I consider “In Trouble” a
    bit sophomoric and dramatic. It is likely more akin to “In Transition”. We
    need to remember the cradle of civilization may be rocked-but that it may
    be essential to the long-term survival of humankind and the planet itself;
    so fear tactics and drama are entirely counterproductive to the process;
    and much like mainstream media, are infelicitous. As the magnetic shield
    bows out in a graceful and organized, unified dance-we will see changes
    that could one could only imagine as magnificent. Many great quantum
    physicists has pondered on the potential DNA changes that could transpire
    under just these conditions. In psychology, we have a non-judgmental
    scientific stance we take called “not knowing”. We do not entirely
    understand the magnificence of what is transpiring here-for the ultimate
    mechanics are way beyond our human intellectual scope. How about we just
    let this unfold without the negative labels?

  17. Will Hawkins

    Earth Pole Reversal, BIG Solar Eruption | S0 News October 15, 2014

  18. carpo719

    I had read that the magnetic flip could take place in as quickly as a few
    days, according to the magnetite found within particular lava flows, which
    showed a reversal over a short time. Perhaps it is much quicker than a
    lifetime…. ?

  19. Armor of Light

    Wow, i was listening to the radio in work here today in the United Kingdom
    and the radio went off and the presenter came back on and said something
    like “Wow we seemed to have just gone off air!” (This radio station is BBC
    2 and NEVER goes off air). As for the weather here, well outside my window
    right now is a huge rainbow with big thick storm clouds lit up by the Sun
    which is low in the sky, and the rain is becoming heavy with blustery
    winds, so in other words “There is a storm coming”. Now i am going to try
    and find and record that rare moment the Sun knocked out the radio with the
    presenters reaction!.

  20. MyCatFooed

    Big spot go B00M! There are alignments that foretell of much more of our
    star popping yet to come! Eyes Open.
    A super-size hell0 to all of my 0s out there!
    A word to the wise, our magnetic situation will only exacerbate significant
    changes here on our rock, i.e.: earthquakes, volcanoes — tectonic activity
    – perhaps the likes that none of us have ever seen before. When one natural
    system gets thrown out of whack, you can expect other systems to follow
    suit. This, in addition to the potential massacre to our electronic grid..
    and heaven forbid — our cellphones!! I’m not saying this is all gloom &
    doom — or even anything leading to mass causalities for humans, but it
    would be prudent to do as you’ve been doing — follow along here. S0 does a
    *wonderful* job covering such topics, but he’s just one man & one man can
    only do so much. So, help out, if your capable & competent. *A LOT is
    beginning to happen right now & we could all help one another out!* Share
    reports of any strange anomalies that get missed by major news outlets.
    Something small could be the biggest clue as to what may follow! We are
    truly entering the unknown for modern-man *right now!* The magnetic
    situation deserves our fullest attention. We *know* for a fact that it has
    happened many times before in the history of our planet — We have
    undisputed proof that it is very real. What is unknown is the effects on
    living things. Probably the worst-case scenario for animals who use it to
    navigate, but we have no clue how it will affect complex, intelligent
    beings — like humans. Perhaps not much of anything, but we should
    certainly keep a lookout for strange patterns of behavior in people, since
    we are capable of such horrible acts.
    Any peculiar or odd phenomena would be much appreciated if you shared it
    with me or the group here.
    *My thanks to everybody here — Group Hug!*

  21. Dave Hanrahan

    Earth Pole Reversal, BIG Solar Eruption | S0 News…:

  22. Becky Lewis

    It’s begun folks. Please watch, share this and look for the update tonight
    on the Pole shift. Very important.

  23. Edward Naveen

    Flare event in progress currently C5.8

  24. Trevor Toler

    You called it Ben, outstanding job Br0! I don’t know how you do it with
    constantly, traveling, planning events, feeding the dogs, killing the flys,
    making healthy food to eat, gassing up the rv non-stop, making love to the
    wife, and still have time to create two videos a day and work on a special
    video about pole flip. Your a beast. You never cease to amaze me. You are
    the most dedicated hardest worker I know. And you actually enjoy what you
    do. That is priceless. You are priceless.

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