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[EXCLSVE] Upto 20 Hostages Held In Sydney Cafe, BLACK FLAGS IN WINDOWS

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  1. crazyt1ger08

    Islam can go to hell

  2. Ken Gold

    anyone waving this flag should be charged with a capital offense in any non
    Muslim country. put down any militant who dares wave this disgusting flag.
    Maybe we should keep Guantanamo open and send them there , never to be seen
    again. Now we know why Guantanamo and abu-garaib are necessary.

  3. Tom Daly

    Time to call in the snipers!

  4. David Hynes

    Careful what you say. The Internet is on phones.

  5. Ronald John

    Muslim population rapidly increasing in australia

  6. Truther Winet

    Mohammad (piss be upon him) likes to take unarmed people as hostages. It is
    easy to hide behind unarmed people and display Shit Lamic bravado. Thus
    preached a pedophile. Also all the fake concern by Muslims cannot be
    believed, because every Friday these satanic verses of hatred are preached
    to the congregation. And they all stay silent till an event like this
    happens. “TAQIYA” is a religious shitlamic doctrine- which says “it is OK
    to LIE to defend Shitlamisim”.

  7. LOTGiscool

    Again, more proof that all of islam must die. For the sake of humankind. 

  8. Mo Quse

    OMG people are so stupid and crazy thats not who we are or what we learn
    why would they do that always make us look bad 

  9. e james

    I’ll take a box of nutty’s and pass on the beheading, thank you very much.

  10. A Sandwich


  11. Ващишин Володя Олександрович

    2 типа идентификаторов-имплантов-радиопередатчиков,размеры.
    Модули идентификаторов человека: 2 единицы-2 типа
    идентификаторов-радиопередатчиков.В голове и руке.Единица складывается с
    нескольких блоков:
    блоки первой единицы для крепления к лбу,идентификатор в голове не
    фиксирует пульс и не анализирует кровь (имплант меньшей высоты чем
    имплантант-радиопередатчик в руке-до 25 мм,который фиксирует пульс).
    Блоки второй единицы для крепления в руку к сосуду или паспорта для
    места с веной-до 25 мм высоты,фиксирующий пульс от/возле
    сосуда/анализирующий кровь-опционально (имплант высоты большей чем
    имплантант-радиопередатчик около лба,который не фиксирует пульс и не
    анализирует кровь).

  12. bandi bandi

    Ship all the muslims back to whatever shithole country they all came from!

  13. bandi bandi

    Islam the religion of pieces a piece of you here and another piece of you

  14. BreaKINGBAD

    When you have Muslim extremists who believe if they kill in the name of
    Allah they will be in heaven with a permanent hard on having sex with
    hundreds of women there is something severely wrong with that religion.
    Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

  15. Friedrich Von der Berg

    Ex CIA Clare Lopez warned since long ago what the law of sharia brings to
    the world. Douglas Murray is another expert on islam who exposes the same
    damaging consequences of that same law if people don’t wake up. 

  16. Bluesteel34

    from the USA,My thoughts and prayers to the people of australia.

  17. Nazmul Hadi

    I’M very2 wory again to Minority-Moslem in several country like :Europe ,
    North-America , South~Africa & Another else Because at WTC-Tragedy
    9-11-2001 when 3000 civil in New~York city is death so resulting 1500
    Moslem-Etnics are killed with Shot-Gun or Hand~Granate also many Mosque in
    US are burned by Molotov Bombing as revenge nation And Last The Islam
    community is to becoming suspect criminal by majority people in the western

  18. Mott Hoople

    The time has come to de strategize the region. It’s only importance is
    religious and oil. It’s time to make solar dominant and put an end to the
    oil military death economy.

  19. Wadani dhabta ah

    I am a muslim women and I believe this guy is not muslim coz islam is not
    terroris and safe peapole 

  20. Richard Kirk

    I hope there are some well trained snipers on the scene. Remember Captain

  21. iTzMackanK

    thats is the isis flag fucking islams why did god even create those

  22. Bernardo Navarro

    Another successful rescue in Australia with the help of the FBI the
    fatalities are 4 death and the including the perpetrator is a really happy
    ending Hurah! for the military police well done you shoot everybody and
    everything that is the way go. Idiots are more insanity than the insane.

  23. Roger Clemons

    100% false flag. CIA uses drugs to get these people to act this way. Best
    to ignore.
    WIll be used to crack down on Freedom in Australia. What next ? No
    peaceful protecting with 50, 000 feet of a retail mall? 

  24. aymen mussa

    To my fellow Australian citizens –> Don’t stress at

  25. Bradley Harris

    Let’s waterboard ISIS

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