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Experts Recommend Springfree Trampoline – 9 News Sydney

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  1. Misha Brah

    Pitty they are ridiculously overpriced.

  2. Springfree Trampoline

    Respond to this video… Interesting point there, we always appreciate
    feedback 🙂 Our product does reposition what a trampoline is, and the cost.
    Traditional trampolines are made cheaply, hence the injury risks. The total
    global hospitalisations from trampoline injuries are in excess of 200,000
    annually. To remove the elements that cause these injuries it costs around
    25 times more to build. And that’s a price we believe is really important
    to put on protecting kids 🙂

  3. Misha Brah

    @springfreetrampoline Nobody cares about tests and records, they care about
    value. Up to $2000+ for backyard trampoline is a bit over the top. If you
    think about it, it is a trampoline built for safety so the people targeted
    are protective parents. These parents would have very strict rules for when
    on a trampoline which takes all the fun out of it. In most situations the
    more careful you are the less fun you’re having.

  4. Misha Brah

    @springfreetrampoline I understand that accidents happen but the majority
    of injuries occur when children are uncareful and become unaware. The
    trampolines aren’t to blame for injuries. Are you selling them as
    trampolines to just bounce on? It’s crazy to spend $2000+ on that. I think
    that you’re targeting wealthy people and because of this you decided to
    make the prices as high as possible and over exaggerate the risk of injury.
    Very smart though. I bet you’re making alot of $.

  5. Springfree Trampoline

    @MckMick We are still amazed by the causes of trampoline injuries
    ourselves. 83% of all injuries are caused by the equipment present in
    traditional trampolines – and that’s why we were designed, by a PHD
    engineering Dad from New Zealand after one of his children was injured. So
    it’s a pretty grass roots innovation. I wish the risk of injury was
    exaggerated, because the rate of injury is staggering. Happy to point you
    to more info. Have a great day. 🙂 Kristen

  6. KungFuBum78

    I heard that if a spectator gets his fingers caught in the springs or
    whatever you call them, while someone is jumping that the fingers will be
    crushed, also the way the trampoline goes down it goes in a twisting motion
    and over time is bad for the knees….. Also I agree they are way over
    priced to thr point a average family will have a hard time affording one

  7. Springfree Trampoline

    Our patented fibreglass rods are designed to work in unison and bend
    inwards with about 0.3 of a degree of twist. This equates to ~5mm movement
    in a lateral direction – i.e. sideways at the edge of the mat surface. All
    other movement is inward towards the center of the mat. This movement is
    undetectable when in use & provides no affect to jumpers & their knees.
    Regarding fingers being crushed, our inventor answers that question in our
    video “Springfree Trampoline Review: The Rods” 🙂 – Claire

  8. hlsmel

    I was injured on a trampoline in 1990 at age 16. I am now a
    quadriplegic(neck..spinal cord injury cervical 4/5) permanently paralyzed.
    I landed wrong (in the center). I don’t believe there are any real
    precautions you can take to completely safe. It’s not worth a few minutes
    of fun. People don’t realize just how dangerous they are. ‘Practically
    Injury Proof”, Not..You are actually doing more harm with an inclosed (net)
    structure. Think about the force it takes to push your body weight in the
    air. That force coming down is like hitting a brick wall. It may seem as
    though it’s giving way but it isn’t. I know of one lady that wasn’t even
    jumping, she was sitting on edge by the padded springs part while one of
    her kids were jumping, it popped her up and she had no reaction time, this
    left her completely paralyzed from the neck down. It’s not just “the
    jumpers” that can be seriously injured. From my experience, the only way
    not to get injured on a trampoline is to not get on one period.I urge
    parents to think twice about buying a trampoline. Just my opinion!!

  9. hlsmel

    Having spring free..I don’t believe this will be safer…Hitting the
    center..where the force is,is what injures people. I hit the center. Enough

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