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Eyewitness News Sydney (CH10) Sep 1980 – Move Closer to your World, extended theme

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  1. austvarchive

    apologys for the poor image quality, this edition of the news was recovered
    from the original tape which was stored in less than ideal conditions!!

  2. Brendan Richards

    @austvarchive I guess some Australians weren’t even aware of the potential
    of classic television moments :/

  3. frankmat

    I get the feeling Sydney is in love with the harbour bridge and opera

  4. mechsta1980

    Sounds like Tim Webster’s doing the V/O

  5. KDJW-5

    MCTYW v10

  6. AccordionManiac

    Just awesome

  7. KDJW-5

    A worldwide news theme hit!!!!

  8. IanGorton

    @mechsta1980 Yeah that’s Tim Webster alright. His voice hasn’t changed in
    30 years

  9. Steven Pitcher

    this should be channel 10s theme now

  10. jasonmurray1231

    I enjoyed watching your video! thanks for sharing!

  11. Junior Moult

    Anyone out there with the full version of this track???

  12. KDJW-5

    @juniourmoult It’s “Move Closer To Your World” Cut 10 Piano Version 1

  13. Junior Moult

    @djwash5 Thanks – I’ve been looking for the full version of the track if
    anyone has any links?

  14. OldsVistaCruiser

    @tvw7perth – Where I grew up (just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania),
    it’s been Channel 6’s theme song for 40 years, and wags call it that
    station’s “national anthem.” Their “Action News” has strongly dominated
    almost every ratings book in the Philly market for the last 30+ years. They
    started out with 2 competitors in their market, and had as many as 5 at one
    time. Look up WPVI Action News here on YouTube – there are tons of versions
    of “Move Closer to Your World” from them.

  15. B Sm

    …And Eyewitness News was created also in Philadelphia, at KYW-Tv
    Channel-3 .

  16. zoomping1

    Love this piano version. I think WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh used this variation
    in their newscasts in the late 1980’s in addition to the conventional MCTYW

  17. SuperPat88

    KTRK used this in Houston in the late 80s… great piano lick stuff.

  18. SuperPat88

    I recall visiting Houston on a couple occasions because of family; KTRK(13)
    would cut the end theme about where the 1:03 mark is.

  19. SuperPat88

    Even though I am more partial to the “Good News” theme(used late 80s in
    Cleveland on WEWS) or Gari’s updated rendition of CHL(WABC in New York from
    1992-95), this MCTYW piano cut gets props.

  20. SuperPat88

    0:14… let’s say this was in Houston on KTRK, Channel 13… “You’ve been
    watching *Eyewitness News,* Houston and Gulf-coast Texas’ Number One
    television news service.”

  21. djrage70

    they had been using it since the early 70s.. I remember

  22. SuperPat88

    I made a mistake in saying late 80s; by then, they went to the Frank
    Gari-updated CHL theme. In 78/79 and so on, they used this piano theme.

  23. burbank

    Love the music and the scenery.

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