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Federer & Hewitt serve up Sydney Harbour spectacular

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  2. Tenis al Máximo

    Aventura acuática en Australia de Roger Federer & Lleyton Hewitt

  3. Roger Federer Fans Latinoamérica

    Espectacular peloteo de Roger y Hewitt en Sidney.

  4. AnimeIntroStyles4

    This is an incredible waste of speedboat fuel.

  5. Eric GRANIER
  6. MrYoumitube

    No offence but the lady saying ” fast four” throughout the video is
    annoying. Nice to see Rog a Hewitt playing along the harbour.

  7. Moenish Baladien

    After 30 sec, news ball please!

  8. Mohammed Al-sayed

    Stupid pieces of shit 

  9. Nic Brits
  10. Elise Bonvin

    Federer & Hewitt serve up Sydney Harbour spectacu… :

  11. amatulmateen

    Heart warming! Well deserved, buckets of fun

  12. Jason Mcdonald

    This was bad marketing could have been so much better like the soccer Nike
    ads or anything that looked well produced. Step your game up!

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