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Fox News: CIA Torture Prevents Things Like Sydney Siege in America!

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  1. downwindspiral

    perfect Logic,, Australia should torture people.

  2. robfathah

    Christ, shut the fuck up forever, Hasselbeck. How you manage to sound like
    the stupidest fucking person on a panel that includes Steve Douchey is
    goddamned beyond my comprehension.

  3. mrhong44

    FOX IS NUMBER ONE !!!!!!!!

  4. drnekodr

    Leave it to FOX news… 

  5. TheRedCapitalist

    Australia should lift the ban on guns, let everyone have 6 of them courtesy
    of the government, start a war with Indonesia because that country is full
    of Muslims and start torturing all its non-white citizens

    That would leave Australia with a population of around 5,000 after a few

  6. mars Cubed

    Something to note is that Muslim leaders in Australia warned police about
    the siege nut before the attack. Australian channel9

    Also an article in the Guardian from an intelligence officer, who said the
    intelligence dried up once the torture started..
    He says imbecile GOP torture creeps led to the deaths of thousands of
    American soldiers.

    Guardian article “I interrogated the top terrorist in US custody. Then the
    CIA came to town”

    One of the hardest things we struggled to make sense of, back then, was why
    US officials were authorizing harsh techniques when our interrogations were
    working and their harsh techniques weren’t. The answer, as the long-awaited
    Senate Intelligence Committee report now makes clear, is that the
    architects of the program were taking credit for our success, from the
    unmasking of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the mastermind of 9/11 to the
    uncovering of the “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla. The claims made by
    government officials for years about the efficacy of “enhanced
    interrogation”, in secret memos and in public, are false. “Enhanced
    interrogation” doesn’t work.


  7. Quinn Griffin

    Fox news has got to be the most assinine group of people I’ve ever seen.
    They are the epitome of the dumbing down of America. They are totally
    ignorant and have jobs. 

  8. De struction

    Hasselbeck is an evil little, well-paid lap dog. How many times a week
    does Ailes get to pet his favorite pet?

  9. australianews

    Had our lone gun man been in America the nut would nave been locked up.
    He was on bail for being an accessory to murder.
    The judge thought the evidence against him was a bit weak and gave the
    loony bail.
    He was found guilty of using the post to harass dead soldiers family’s.
    He has often been a lone protester on national tv that has said things that
    should have put him on a watch list.
    I would hope that the USA watches creeps like him.
    People have a freedom of speech but when their speech is out of wack with
    the norm
    big chance you need to watch them.

  10. franks2732

    The person who murdered and held hostage those poor people in Sydney was a
    Madman, had no links with terrorist groups. Was facing trial for sexual
    assault and attempted murder. He was by definition not a terrorist. He was
    also mentally unstable. The local news media (Excluding the Murdoch press)
    and the police have asked the community not to blame muslims for the
    actions of one lone lunatic. All leaders of faith have issued joint
    statements calling for the community to come together in fellowship to
    support the victims of this tragic event. This is a sad and terrible
    incident that is being used by both the left and Right of the political
    spectrum for political point scoring. I am disgusted and upset by the
    coverage by one newsgroup and certain political leaders both here in
    Australia and in the US. But note 99% of the MSM, political leaders and the
    general community has acted with decency. Families have lost loved ones and
    people suffer terrible injuries in hospital. Let all those concern morn and
    process this tragedy in privacy

  11. Michael Gibb

    Just to be clear, the FBI and NCIS interrogators were “nice” to Nasser
    al-Bahri, Bin Laden’s body guard, when they interrogated him immediately
    after 9-11. They provided him with sugar-free cookies when they found out
    he was diabetic. And it cracked him. Starting with the cookies the
    interrogators gradually opened him up and obtain troves of information on
    al Qaeda, including confirmation the organisation was responsible for the
    9-11 attacks.

    So being “nice” does actually work.

  12. Cirrus J

    yes fox news the people really do think you are out of your minds.

  13. BottleConcreteBlond

    So, one very rare incident like this in Australia–in the USA we have shit
    like this happening on a regular basis. Fox & Friends is the dumbest show
    on TV.

  14. Laura Wright

    Perhaps you could offer a solution in lieu of rambling on about your
    feelings. I couldn’t finish your video, it reminds me of a toddler. 

  15. JediLyoma

    Sorry, Fox. State-sanctioned, unconstitutional torture of suspected
    terrorists had never prevented any attack or attempted attack in the name
    of religious fundamentalism against Americans.

  16. sausageman

    “he was a lone gunmen with no connection to any terrorist group”
    I can barely understand you with that Islamist cock in your mouth.
    Hey, guess what? Jihadist ideology is and has been the MAIN threat of
    terrorism for oh, over ten years now. If you knew anything about it you
    would know that. But all you know is living on your knees, making excuses
    for Islamists. The fact that a terrorist didn’t take direct orders from an
    ‘official’ terrorist organization doesn’t make it not terrorism, no matter
    how much you want to massage the language- much like you massage the Cock
    of Mohamed.
    So when the next right wing Christan tries to kill an abortion doctor and
    openly displays his politics, much like an Islamic flag, I hope to see you
    be consistent and make every effort you can to distance him from the
    republican party if he’s not an ‘official’ member. You will do that won’t

  17. Melanie S

    that talk about terrorism, do you realise (and I am australian btw) that it
    wasn’t actually terrorism, it was someone who wanted them to think it was
    terrorism when he is not even part of the muslim community

  18. 7heRedBaron

    Her hemline is higher than a ski lift. I always look for this feature in
    serious journalists.

  19. rod ney

    Sydney siege was a lame psyop you all realise. Complete with crisis actors
    and media whores fake crying. 

  20. Lawrence McKenna

    From Australia – FOX fuck-off. You have no idea what you are talking about.
    I also hate to point out to you…per capita we are a socially,
    economically, and secure nation that you. We know what we are doing…you
    do not. Torture is a international war-crime, and torture will not stop a
    lone, unstable, gunman.

    Please do the world a favour…send you senior military staff to Hague to
    face charges.

  21. Gary T

    Can you keep Murdoch and his “press’ out of Australia please ! He is more
    of a terrorist than most .

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