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Gunman Holding Hostages in Sydney Cafe

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  1. Gutsyndicate

    1 person holding 50 ppl hostage? couldn’t they got a hero to sacrifice his
    life for the rest of the 49 ppl

  2. khingajamez

    hey idiots learn the different types of flags! thats not an isis flag!

  3. ali sidiq

    False flag .. Staged event 

  4. celladwella84

    Black flag of JIHAD not an ISIS flag! 

  5. Charles Kariuki

    Not an ISIS sign.

  6. sholayisme2

    Lol yeah people see a few words in Arabic and assume it must be the ISIS

  7. Awakened2Truth

    5 eyes and false flags… start WWIII?

  8. Oscar Gutierrez

    Well Here we go again

  9. trying my best

    this is acting and Staged.

  10. IndraEMC

    Few months ago Australian government discuss to release a new immigration
    bills, many people are against it.

    Now i see the pattern, after THIS people will cry for a new immigration
    bills (that’s actually “prohibit non-white to go to Australia”)

  11. Jeff Cavett

    Tell me it can’t be true in an unarmed society the bad guys still had guns
    and the people couldn’t defend themselves. wayyy… who would have
    ever saw this coming…. oh yea anyony with a brain that actually works!

  12. SteveXnycperformance

    ROFL..ROFL..Democracy at its best.
    Arabian Nights…it Arabian Knights

  13. nazicops

    Gee, I guess Australia’s gun ban against honest residents didn’t work.
    Fuck all the muslim swine pigs.

  14. ebenezer1690

    I would like to see that happen in the Texas coffee shop guy wouldn’t last
    five minutes

  15. MrFourkinghell

    Innocent citizens killed by the immigration policies of the weak will
    socialist left.

    Never again can we risk the Labor party.

  16. Gutsyndicate

    this is a fake sheikh, properly an Iranian jew or shia

  17. Al D

    It doesn’t matter who’s flag that is, it’s the Shahada. This guys some
    other religious extremist, ISIL or not he’s just as dumb

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