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HUGE HYPOCRISY! Sydney newspaper apologises for ‘anti-Semitic’ Cartoon based on TRUTH!

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  1. freeradiorevolution

    HUGE HYPOCRISY! Sydney newspaper apologises for ‘anti-Semitic’ Cartoon
    based on TRUTH! #jesuischarlie

  2. Roger Ramjet

    Total hypocrisy yes, but nothing to do with Israel etc like you are harping
    on about. It has always been this way in Australia. They would also not
    allow the anti muslim shit like hebdo in Australia. ridiculous yes, but no
    double standard here. It has always been this way in Aus. We are not
    allowed to say shit about any culture etc or we are branded racist. Unless
    you are speaking against whites and calling them racists then thats ok. 

  3. nuggz503

    six million??? The stupid fucks have the nerve to bring a flag like they’re
    attending a sporting event. 

  4. pekinobo

    these charlie hebdo “artist” are/where painfully awful, their drawing
    skills is compared too if a badger would be drunk, injected with heroin and
    had a pencil stuck up his/hers ass and given a paper to scribble on. As
    long as people follow the agenda the “art” can look as shitty as that.

  5. alfabravo80

    Criticism is one thing, but what Israel and zionism looks to be more afraid
    of is mockery, mainly because it robs authority it’s power. 

  6. JoL™

    it’s okay when they do it to other culture…but it’s not okay when it’s
    about them!’s only an illustration of the truth….and of course! they
    are not in it for the truth……gootube can’t flag this…because it’s all
    public access and you are not making any profit from this.

  7. Antoine Kerfzhan

    END the conspiracy READ the TALMUD and the KORAN. KNOW THE TRUTH. They are
    using religion against people and the jews created it all. Monotheism is a
    judaic creation.

  8. jacquline promenade

    There are many rabbis and sects of Judaism that condemn the Gaza bombings
    and violence AND Zionism. They believe it is not written in the Torah.
    Unfortunately, they do not get any media play.

  9. DanfromtheHills

    Freedom of speech, except when it comes to criticizing Israel.

    That stupidity is everywhere now.

  10. m yaz

    Good video.. RESPECT BRO…
    Last year summer attacks in Gaza/ palestine 2000+ were killed and even more
    sad to hear 600+ of thek were children in just 2 months an 90% of israel
    were supporting it and even some celebrating.. This happens every year over
    there. Gaza is a place for these blood thirsty baby killers to test all
    their latest weapons., sick and laws now when a palestinian kid
    throws a rock at a idf tank they dont get 2 yrs prison anymore they get up
    to 20 yrs sentence!! These hypocritics their empire will soon fall and
    palestinians will kick them out and get all their lands back.
    P.s dont fucking message me saying hamas fired the 1st rocket because its
    b.s and shows how much of an stupid heartless c**t you are!! 

  11. 56tactar

    Well, you know the famous quote, attributed to Voltaire. “to learn who
    rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”.

  12. aaron22075

    The 1 million Jews that were slaughtered at Auschwitz would be ashamed of
    those people sitting on their armchairs watching other human beings
    suffering and being massacred. 

  13. willow woods

    thanks for addressing this Jeff. big thumbs up on this one.

  14. Colin Selfridge

    its hard to watch any of that…….the cartoons, the people on the hill,
    all if it, crazy how fast morality went to shit……i do not like this

  15. ButIDontWantaGooglePlusPage

    Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not
    allowed to criticize”

  16. ALLAH-calledus Moslims,not Sunis-or-Shias

    Lmao,Welcome to the Caliphate of the New World Order of the Superior Race .
    Wait just when Israhell declare officially being the Rulling State of the
    World .you gonna love their Humanity and affection towards their Gentiles

  17. tonyo o

    Be strong the truth is the truth brother! if you did not read this please

  18. Bobbo Seas

    Isn’t there a saying if you want to know who controls you found out who
    your not allowed to criticize!! Israel claims Hamas was shooting so many
    rockets they had no choice but to kill over 500 innocent little children!!
    Wtf the Israelis sitting there watching the Palestinian being bombed and
    killed obviously weren’t worried about rockets

  19. John Adams

    I agree this is sick fucking freedom of speech expression. the french are
    as scummy as the jews are or at least the jewish zionist sick fucks that
    are controlled by the nwo just like america england and most of the world

  20. Janell Sehlbach

    What about Palestinian leaders calling for all out killing of women, men,
    children and babies with kitchen knives, any house hold weapons, bombs,
    U probablys looked on with the rest of America as the bombing of
    Afghanistan happened, looking for terrorists that flew planes into our
    country’s largest city killing thousands… seriously. Are u covering the
    random bus stabbings or the beheadings? I’m glad your out raged, just look
    at both side before u judge! 

  21. Tim Zambra

    can we be certain that the original footage and photos of the cheering
    israelis are also real and not part of the usual ‘goaded by israel’ psyop,
    which I suspect is just as much a part of the divide and rule game?

  22. seektruthandwisdom

    When are people going to put the pieces of the puzzle together and finally
    realize that what we are fighting here is Zionism and a Jew World Order?

    Does this mean that ALL Jews are in on it? Of course not! That isn’t even
    possible. Show me ANYTHING that is 100%!!!

    But we have to stop denying what we see right before our very eyes! The
    evidence is all around us!

    Who’s power and influence is ever present? Who can’t you question or
    Think about it!!!!!

  23. Joris Truthseeker

    Way to go Jeff! This must be said very often to counter the lives of
    programming people are going through. All lies we learn to believe. Well
    most of it.

  24. Monkey King Balls

    Siné (a Charlie Hebdo cartoonist) was fired in 2008 for anti-semitism for
    saying “this lad is gonna go far!” about sarkozy’s son marrying a jewish

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