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#IllRideWithYou Australian Muslims Band Together In Solidarity During Sydney Siege

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  1. john godenzie

    Well said my friends from sydney

  2. eels05

    I’m sorry but this is Hashtag halo polishing at its finest.

    No Muslims were harmed in Australia after 9/11,after the Bali Bombings,
    after the London Bombings,after the police stabbing by a ‘radicalized
    youth’ in Melbourne, after news of a foiled plot to abduct a random member
    of the public and behead them , after the Martin Place Lindt Café
    siege,after news of numerous other foiled Terror attack attempts, and now
    after news of this fucking atrocious slaughter of French cartoonists.

    Not one Muslim has been bashed, stabbed, shot, set on fire or had their
    house burned down in retaliation by Australians of the non Muslim
    majority.I personally resent the knee jerk insinuation, the almost casually
    stated certainty that Australians would react violently against the poor
    oppressed and misunderstood Muslims living in Australia.

    How terrible their lives must be to tolerate us barbarians at our worst.

    I can only hope that us non Muslim Australians can reform our
    oppressive,violent and bigoted culture.Oh yeah and racist.

  3. imGlobL

    Tyt get your facts straight 

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