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Kate, William And Prince George Arrive In Sydney

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  1. David Wager

    I was born into a world of the deluded.

  2. Arianne Cooper

    As much as they r trying to bring a point by bringing george along on these
    events I think its a bit of a strain for both and baby and thr
    parents….bith George and the parent holding him seem encumbered and

  3. Chorva Gee

    Look at that lively baby…

  4. sail1948

    And so the pantomime goes on.

  5. alex klein

    dumb asses. hate brittish accents. george looks too heavy for his mom to
    carry. and hes a wild one. looks impertinent. too fat. from day one. weird
    cuz his parents so thin.

  6. Beautiful Senorita

    01:43 leave me !!! leaaave meeeee !! :D

  7. Rani Dwi

    Cutes baby

  8. XxItshollyxx x

    For all those sayimg George is too heavy for kate, he wasn’t the material
    on Her dress was making George slip.

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