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Last red Rattlers – Nine News SYdney 1992

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  1. Rd Rogel

    They actually sold most of the carriages to private buyers for as sheds,
    motel rooms, etc.

  2. airons1972

    I remember riding them from Penrith into Central station in Sydney in the
    mid 80s. It Always amazed you could leave the doors open while moving.

  3. clubpenguin777

    lol i saw one on ebay, and i have been inside one at the Valley Heights
    Rail Museam in springwood. They are still there if your intrested, it is
    the 2nd saturday of each month that the museam opens. admission $5

  4. casanoc

    I remember the blue & white rattlers too.

  5. foundfreemagna

    I too remember the blue and white stiped ones, why did they repaint them,
    or were they a different model. I loved standing or sitting in the open
    doorways, sometimes hanging out of the door. We used to ask the drivers if
    we could ride in the front with them, and mostly they would say yes. Mostly
    caught them between Pymble and Town Hall.

  6. dean r

    I seen one in someones backyard in Newbridge NSW the other day

  7. TehBenshiGuy

    That wasn’t a red rattler, it was a carriage from an interurban U-set,
    introduced from 1958.

  8. h3ll0b0b

    In the 1970’s one of the transport ministers (apparently) said “we will get
    rid of all the red rattlers” He went and had them painted blue.

  9. bigmaxy07

    The best trains. I went to high school on these. Most things in Sydney went
    to shit in the 90’s, the rail network being the first.

  10. airobsessed

    Gina Boon… whatever happened to her???

  11. TheDonkeyman101

    behind the wheel?? behind the master controller 😛

  12. GazzaOak

    Farrk, i would have smoked pot on one of these

  13. Reign Roamze

    now tangara’s are trash.

  14. Detlef Graevinghoff

    Go to the Thirlmere Railway Museum just past Picton. They have a shitload
    of cool trains, paytrain, prison, steam and diesels must be close to a
    hundred a newly rebuilt complex with heaps of cool stuff to look at. Top
    day out and not too expensive to get in.

  15. footlockerjl32

    Im so sick of all these Tangara and Millenium trains lookalikes. They end
    up painting the oscar train doors all yellow making them look hideous

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