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Last red Rattlers – Ten News Sydney 1992

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  1. Rd Rogel

    They actually sold most of the carriages to private buyers for as sheds,
    motel rooms, etc.

  2. casanoc

    I miss them too but I don’t blame them for getting rid of them though, It
    was always pretty scary being on those trains when the doors were open. Did
    those doors ever work? I remember the old old ones where you had to pull
    them shut but the electric ones never worked either.

  3. Bennyboy1985

    If any of you collect model trains, you may be interested to know you can
    now buy working models of these from Berg’s in Parramatta or at the railway
    store at Central station. Got my own 4-car set, applied the decals just
    recently and it looks a treat!

  4. ookland81

    I dont know who the driver of that last run over the Harbor Bridge was, but
    I am sure the Guards name was David Kay. Of Sydney Depot. Like the old
    train he is now also gone .

  5. IM1337iPwn

    yeah.. where are the rattlers now?? pretty sure most people just used to
    jump from one train to the other..

  6. B767rules

    actually, only the L, R and S sets will be scrapped. The K and C sets vill
    stay in service.

  7. KJ-Verada VR-Xi

    Cool been looking for a set for age’s and you’ve answered my question where
    to get them roughly how much are they, As I hear all these classic stories
    about them but am to young to remember them (I’m 22) the oldest I can
    remember is the suburban and intercity and tangara, Cheers Adam

  8. KJ-Verada VR-Xi

    I have never been on one but they are a truley magnificant piece of
    machinery, funny enough you can buy old carragies ie the tangara and chuck
    it on a block of land pending council aproval (enquired about it thinking
    about converting one into a mini house / flat for my self) but I say bring
    back the Rattler’s for today (made out of modern matiriels but the same
    classic design and closeable doors)

  9. HipToeKnee

    Back then we all travelled along with the doors wide open. You would stand
    with your sholders between the hand rails,relax and speed along without a
    worry in the world. occasionally you swung half your body out to see whats
    going on. As the train slowed at your destination, if you felt like it, you
    would jump off at the speed you felt safe at. Running for a train was fun
    too,if you were quick enough to jump on,good luck to you! HA HA!!…no
    wander they were banned.

  10. JBofBrisbane

    The first time I went to Sydney at age 6½, I was amazed that the trains
    went everywhere with the doors open. None of the trains in Brisbane at the
    time were electric, but we had old wooden compartment coaches with swing
    doors, or stainless steel SX sets with power closing sliding doors, and no
    train in Brisbane left a platform with a door open (intentionally, at

  11. Martin Hartley

    The 1964 Tulloch double-deck trailer carriages that went with the
    red-rattler power carriages were not all withdrawn from service until 2004.
    These had powered doors which closed before the train left the platform, so
    were a lot safer than the single-deck carriages, but they were also a
    reminder of the old days. The one that ended up at Dorrigo turned out to be
    the carriage that was on my regular afternoon school train!

  12. pitiablerabbit

    Hmm…I remember one particular red rattler who lost control of its
    hydraulics and sprayed oil up and down the side of itself…and all over my
    mum’s pants!

  13. zordmaker

    Its funny you should say that, since these cars don’t have hydraulics. They
    do have pneumatics though. I assume you may have been referring to a W set
    with an auto door which failed.

  14. TheWaluigiking

    It is so sad that no Red Rattlers are left

  15. woohooboy

    I remember riding on the red rattlers as a kid and into my teenage years.
    It was fun but in hindsight, not particularly safe. You could open the
    carriage doors whilst it was moving and literally hang out of the train.
    Not surprising why there were a number of injuries and fatalities. With the
    introduction of the Tangara trains in the early 1990’s, it was the end of
    the line for good old Red……

  16. Adnan Khan

    were there also called h sets

  17. TheDemonicVampiro

    Never had the honour of riding one of these 🙁

  18. scootNsfun

    there actually is a lot of them left

  19. Mr Rolly

    You wont see them Tangaras lasting 60 years like these ol rattlers did. 🙂

  20. Brent Martell

    This is great. Thank you.

  21. SuperPat88

    Are these “red rattlers” like the “L” in Chicago?

  22. timmy3069

    my left ear enjoyed this

  23. david wood

    i loved them.the most comfy seats ever

  24. da kman


  25. astroboy3507

    They were the best trains and that train smell !!!!

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