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‘Legend’ Stacey Eden defends Muslim woman being abused on train | Sydney, Australia

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  1. Javed Ahmed

    Respect to Stacy Eden

  2. Racbir Singh

    Well done Stacey! Those trousers are a crime

  3. jamal mommand

    well done Stacey for understanding our pain. God bless you. we face death
    in our homeland countries from terrorist so for survival we leave our home,
    where we are raised where we grow up our fairy land (where one lives). no
    one wants to leave their family, friends, life, childhood to go and move to
    another country unless they don’t have a choice. and when we move to a
    peacefull country, where we call our new home we are called bad words,
    hated we face so much hate from people. politition talking about how to get
    rid of us(the pain every one shouldn understand). the question is does any
    one wants to be in a place of such discrimination unless no choice. does
    any one know how its like to move to a new country where u r an alien.
    where u r discriminated infront of ur family. arent we humens. don’t we
    feel just like every one of you ? wouldn’t u do the same God forbid I
    don’t know my parents told me we are all same humens b4 he died.

  4. jamal mommand

    this proofs we all humens feel pain happinies lonlinies.etc

    I know now that humens all over the world hav e good and bad.
    well done And God bless you

  5. Jojo Gunne


  6. 蘇文祥
  7. Abc abc

    Stacey just want be the centre of attention

  8. lynn martin

    kiddos to stacey Eden… i wish people more people would be like her
    standing up for the weaker ones… Humanity is above all :)

  9. The Reader

    Most people fail to realize that almost all terrorist attacks have been
    carried out by Wahhabists, which are extremely radical and fundamentalist
    believers of Islam but every Muslim doesn’t share those views just like all
    Christians don’t necessarily agree with Westboro Baptist Church or the
    Inquisition from the past. The equivalent would be if the Westboro Baptist
    Church or the Klu Klux Klan(yes, they’re Christians incidentally, or so
    they claim) started committing acts of terrorism and then ignorant people
    simply picked a poor Christian guy riding the metro home while holding a
    bible to ostracize and vent their frustrations out on.
    This is wrong. Terrorists are incidentally Muslim or Christian, but
    that doesn’t mean that broad groups of Muslims or Christians condone or
    engage in acts of terrorism. Also, similarly to how the old lady pointed
    out that the young good Samaritan shouldn’t get her news from Facebook, she
    shouldn’t only read newspapers, judging from her bias she only watches FOX
    News. Ideally religion should cease to create conflict and perhaps be a
    relic of the past, but I have no problem in someone practicing their faith
    if they don’t harm others, which is a lesson someone forgot to teach that
    old woman – it’s called tolerance.
    By the way, I’m an agnostic/atheist and we too are discriminated, some
    may argue worse than others here in the U.S. As Noam Chomsky said and I
    strongly agree with him; “I’m an atheist but if I meet someone and say for
    example they’re a Christian from Peru or wherever and they spend their days
    feeding the homeless, and performing various other charitable services, I
    don’t believe in giving them a lesson in epistemology.” Everyone should be
    free to walk their own path, if they aren’t hurting anyone, I wont stand in
    front of them.

  10. Shah Saud

    Bravo Stacey Eden. Thank you for helping them couple.

  11. Joneseskid

    Stacey eden tapes conversations and spreads them all over the internet so
    she look good. Be careful when she’s around!

  12. Okan TechChannel

    Fucking racist thoughts. Congratulations Stacey you really acted like a

  13. Rufat Safaraliyev

    Thank you Stacey!!!

  14. Monkey Island

    Fuck you Stacey for being a dumb fucking bimbo.

  15. sadiq nesirov

    Steysi Edenin super

  16. Aman Singh

    well done stacy!! Thanks from India

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