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Light Rail | 9 News Sydney

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  1. Evan Davis

    It would be interesting to see how they compare to the Gold Coast’s new

  2. TheJuggtron

    Why were the trams dismantled in the first place? Just so the corrupt
    politicians and their corporate buddies could make more money selling you a
    car and all the waste that goes along with it. In the USA it was the Great
    Streetcar Swindle’ and is one of the greatest examples of anticompetitive
    behavior ever prosecuted against. The fine was $1000.

  3. GazzaOak

    At least its coming back for good….. and i hope its kept there for good.
    Eventually, sydney tram system will be back to the good ole days once the
    government finds some money for it

  4. Santiago Delgado Martin

    Where could we watch the whole video???

  5. gde1989

    +TheJuggtron They were removed because at the time, trams were seen as
    ancient technology while the revolutionary new form of public
    transportation, the bus, was seen as the way of the future. The car
    was more affordable and tram usage was declining. With our aspirations for
    a house in the suburbs, it was more of a necessity and planners saw the
    motorway as the best way to move people between work and home´╗┐

  6. craiggo31

    Just how clever are they in Melbourne?´╗┐

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