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Live: Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place

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  1. jesusmysavior7771

    Great False Flag in Sydney today. Didn’t fool me. 13 hostages? Of course!
    Conveniently right near the 7 News HQ so they’ve got prime position to film
    it too. Nice. Don’t worry about the media and other security personnel
    saying they knew there was a ‘Police Operation/Drill’ going on before it
    even happened.

    Oh wait, the budget was released today! What a nice little distraction to
    keep the public in the dark. This is psychological warfare and I guarantee
    they have 95% of the Australian population hoodwinked.

    AND………………………Australian Troops Practiced Exact Cafe
    Scenario Less Than 6 Weeks Ago!

  2. Meiers Daniel

    live:siege martin place Sydney

  3. Dave letterman

    This doesnt make no sense whatsoever. We have the best martial law in the
    World and they wanted to brake in the store the 2nd day? and 2 innocent
    people were killed and 1 injured. Plus they didnt give the gunman what he
    wanted? and where were the 3 bombs around the city? It seems the government
    was involved with this gunman and this whole mission is a first test to the
    Australians to see how we would react so that they can throw more terror at
    us. Plus the gunman says this is a Islamic attack when he is clearly ISIS?
    It feels this is all planned and a divide and conquer tactic. I dont know
    how many of us actually believes the false media but i certainly dont
    because im not that dull

  4. Trec93

    not going to have a coffee in public places anymore

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