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Mobile Speed Cameras | 9 News Sydney

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  1. Andrew Barry

    mobile revenue raisers´╗┐

  2. Mohamad Omran


  3. Dobadriver Australia

    Speeding is definitely a problem, but revenue raising is not considered by
    many to be the answer. Posting the locations is a good idea as it provides
    a deterrent factor rather than an instantaneous fine received at a later
    date when the person is unsure of whether in fact they were speeding or not.
    A greater Police presence on the roads is the best form of deterrent
    against many things including speeding.
    Dobadriver statistics from the general public indicate ‘Dangerous driving’
    to be the highest rate of report 17.9% and ‘Speeding’ is currently being
    reported at 4.40%.´╗┐

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