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National Nine News Sydney – 1993 Opener

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  1. TheTvGuru3

    i miss that music

  2. steakswans

    bring back hendo!

  3. TheWheelieBin

    Legend! What an intro!

  4. Scott Briggs

    Dad made sure the house was ready and quiet by 5:55 for this theme.

  5. Kwadwo Holloway

    2nd December 1993

  6. Keeper Garrett

    My 12th Birthday ^^

  7. Greenybull

    he looks like larry king

  8. Lian Las Pinas

    That EyeWitness News Series 1 or 1993 WABC-TV Eyewitness News Theme used on
    National Nine News Sydney from May 2, 1994 to June 29, 2001

  9. Ausreview

    Wow the news started with international affairs rather than a heavy rain
    lashes Sydney story…

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