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National Nine News Sydney [Montage] (2nd March 1999)

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  1. SydneyCityTV Videos

    Quite an interesting look at how National Nine News Sydney was over 15
    years ago, including an example of how Brian Henderson was an excellent
    newsreader even in the later years of his career. Also, is it just me or
    does Ken Sutcliffe’s style of reading the sports news seem to be
    considerably more relaxed in 2014? Maybe it’s because Nine News had a much
    more formal and conservative format in the Hendo era, I’m not sure.

    As for Alan Wilkie, I wonder when he retired knowing that Georgie Gardner
    did the weather for a few years starting from around 2002?

    Apart from that, this is yet another excellent find! What more is there to
    say? :)

  2. CX7 News

    Thanks for uploading this zampakid 🙂 Do you have any recordings from the
    13th March 1999 at all? 

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