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National Nine News Sydney Weather Forecast – 28/9/2006

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  1. graphicgrief

    Didn’t they have a sponsorship like what the UK had?

  2. anchorman87

    What a bad wather package, sohrt and cluttered.

  3. adhdadhd05

    i want to rip open her shirt and cum ALL OVER her breasts

  4. mignonhenne

    i have hd dvdr / video of her singing ” respect”.

  5. h44512

    i met her on thursday at the sydney rock eisteddfod grand final :):)

  6. tupacshakur875

    jaynie seal need to rip her clothes off naked

  7. airobsessed

    You can tell that they’re using a green screen to do the weather because
    now they use there huge screens instead you can see the map of Australia is
    a lot bigger etc

  8. gailmckennag

    ed nailed nikki visser the adelaide model but was too small to satisfy
    nikki and then got jaynie pregnant within 6 ,months,lucky bastard.i just
    poked a hole in a cinder block

  9. parkaoz

    Nothing quite like a tight seal… 🙂

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