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Newborn baby dumped in Sydney drain survives for six days before rescue

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  1. brycen fields


  2. rolliemachine100

    Too sad

  3. R0ckstrmik3

    Miracle that baby is alive 

  4. Francisco Palacios

    Eighty Seventh

  5. Абылайхан Султан

    Burn her!

  6. smackinthatthang


  7. Tristan Mackay

    And then came along a dingo..

  8. Driftas220

    Baby must of been well fed to survive that long.

  9. TheCelticsAREboss

    a grown male can barely survive that, how can a newborn baby?

  10. alan woodcock

    She could of left it in a church or a public place that way she would know
    someone would find her straight away but this bitch hid her down a drain so
    obviously it was attempted murder, she should fuckin hang, us fathers has
    murder trying to see there kids and woman just dump them it’s a joke man it
    really is.

  11. alan woodcock

    That baby would be dead without water that long and the temperature
    dropping at night, personally I think she has been back to the baby and
    maybe give it a drink or something.

  12. Abel Gotti

    Fuckin Whore 

  13. Mahdee Ali

    the worse thing u can do to a man is take their child away from them. And
    women are good at doing this shit.. 

  14. german orozco

    Thats a miracle I love that baby for living 

  15. saturdayocean

    Sounds like the origins story for a comic book villain.

  16. nukeurhouse12

    Its very improbable to sirvive 6 days for a baby! She probably stashed
    babys diqpers with sandwiches! So he could eat and not die for 6 weeks,
    that he was in that hole! Or she probably came back every night and fed
    him, so he didnt die for 6 month that he was in that hole!

  17. TakahashiMisaki5

    dafuq is wrong with people??
    if you don’t want a f**king kid, put him up for adoption! give him to a
    relative, leave him with authorities… there are more than enough options
    for unwanted children, and shitloads of people who are willing enough to
    adopt to travel halfway across the world to god forsaken wastelands to
    adopt… jesus f**king christ…
    i don’t even like kids and i know that…

  18. MD Felemban

    find out whos his parents and stop them from breeding

  19. blake efefefwd


  20. Poopsie McShuffle

    Man theres alot of these cases. Imagine all the ones that haven’t been

  21. Crazy Schizophrenia

    I would have left him too, it’s not like the world needs more bastard kids

  22. Roxidius

    And why sterilization bad again??

  23. Rj Jaroenp

    Now, if this were to happen in china… people will all be like ‘the
    chinese are disgusting and horrible! inhumane!’- In that case, Australians
    are inhumane! How disgusting! – no double standards right?

  24. TheSarastar10

    This is making me so sad, I can’t stop crying seriously, this world is

  25. twissandturn Garner

    Ok so it took that many to lift the lid to the drain- so the mother didn’t
    do this on her own. She had help? Or was she the Incredible Hulk 

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