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News Host Natalie Barr from Sunrise Breaking Into Tears on Live TV

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  1. Summer Thompson

    Absolutely broke my heart

  2. TheMainMayn

    Understandable that being a reporter you have a job to report but when your
    colleague is crying right next to you and is obviously sad…least you
    could do is comfort her or put an arm around her :/ poor lady.
    Just saying but hey, he had a job to do. I feel sorry for her.

  3. Aguila Zorro

    Only one question: How can she cry without tears? I do not believe this
    shit, sorry. xD

  4. cristian villagra

    In middle east dies a lot of civilians by us forces, but nobody said
    nothing, the media broadcast are secuestered by goberments.

  5. TheFatPandaIAm

    Just curious why she says a mother of three, but the lower third says
    “mother of two”.

  6. ballsofass

    Also the demands of the “terrorist” where actually 3 simple things, If they
    had done that we might not of had any victims and even if we did then, Well
    their you go same outcome as before…now all you’ve got is dead hostages
    and the main source, (the terrorist is dead…same as Boston bombings same
    as 9/11… fact you know George Bush was told 5 times and given 3
    memos stating that bin ladin is gonna steal planes and smash them into
    buildings….now i aint saying they did it…same as Australia but what I’m
    saying is maybe they let these things happen to justify things they wanna
    do and keep the so called “economy” going.

  7. bennydman666

    Obviously very sad but I think it is beautiful to see a reporter showing
    some emotion. Normally reporters just talk with a straight face and never
    laugh/cry or even smile. 

  8. TheUFOnetwork

    Ask QUESTIONS people. Why was ISIS *immediately declared* as the
    perpetrator of this “attack”, before the event itself had even ended, or
    was at least thoroughly investigated? How would any MEDIA be privy to this
    information to a full degree of certainty?? WAKE UP AUSTRALIA, YOU ARE

  9. TheBigHase

    We are fed up with islamic scum terrorizing the whole world – we hate you
    and we want you OUT of our countries! U ain’t “peaceful” – ur fucking
    lunatics and murderers – that’s what u are! United we stand against evil –
    u shall not win!

  10. Konrad Wolff

    Newsreaders are controlled media whores. Look at the stupid cunt on the
    right, “DUH what do I do now??”
    Its these assholes who willingly promote the multicultural lie and then sit
    there like fucking dummies when a false flag operation actually happens,
    just like this one did right next door.
    Iran are one of the few countries left in the world who will not allow the
    raping, evil central banks into their country. So what does the good little
    Zionist suckholes in Australia do? Create a false flag operation to get the
    Australian (and other nations) public hating Iranian muslims so that the
    USA, England, Australia, France, Germany etc. etc. go and fight another
    dirty, no-win middle east war for israhell.
    I wish people would wake the fuck up and see this shit for what it is.
    Think about it – why the fuck do you think all western nations allowed
    muslims into their countries? Answer – they were told to do it by their
    money masters in order to foment hatred and division, thereby allowing the
    divide and conquer rule to eliminate any chance of these nations of rising
    up as one against the tyranny of the money rulers. Why?? Because the
    muslims and blacks hate whites and vice versa, they will NEVER work
    together to overcome mankinds REAL enemy, the Zionist, money masters who
    have crafted all wars and global discontent since before jesus.
    WAKE UP WHITE MAN…you are becoming extinct because of your dying belief
    in some humanist, multicultural bullshit. if you want to survive, WAKE THE
    FUCK UP.

  11. YouBreathTheMatrix

    Hundreds of thousand of innocent Iraqi and syrians die and no one sheds
    even 1 tear. 

  12. jovan lipovatz

    Allah Akbar. Free Palestine.

  13. tech4156

    Zoom in to see where the tears are at. #no tears.

  14. Robbie Heslop

    Speaking on behalf of a friend and cousins who live in Australia: you know,
    she might not have tears streaming down her face, but that’s because she’s
    trying to be PROFESSIONAL and is taking a moment to FIND COMPOSURE.
    Australia is one of the countries that until recently hasn’t experienced
    terrorism of this sort, it’s not just the people inside that café but the
    entire country has been shaken. So show some God-damn respect for the
    people in that country.

  15. Nigor Fagit

    If I was there I would off bitch slapped that motherfucking retarded bitch

  16. Phlidgy
  17. deborah cutler

    The silly bitch is acting and is using a tragedy to bay for attention, a
    bit like Michael Clarke did when Phil Hughes was knocked for six. There’s
    no tears, just clown-like turned down lip corners and hammy sobs. She needs
    a few more acting lessons before she can get away with this kind of thing.
    Low life trash

  18. Mr Boggins

    Could be fake but perhaps not. This evidently is the type of desolation
    terrorist attacks leave behind. We could all feel like this but we’re sat
    safely behind our computers making fuck stupid comments like “wow this is
    beautiful, nice to see emotion from a reporter” Just shut the hell up if
    you haven’t anything smart to say. Damages my faith in humanity reading
    crap like that.

  19. jay vape

    These Fundamentalists seem to think that by doing things like this they
    will terrorize us into believing their garbage holy book. *Spits on the
    kuran* (Yeah that right you fucking dust monkeys come at me). But really
    they are just turning public opinion of Islam into complete distrust and
    hatred. Like me 🙂 Yeah, some of you hippies are going to apologize for the
    peaceful ones but those ‘peaceful’ ones are just those that neglect the
    kurans teaching. Later verses are stated to take precedence over older
    verses (to avoid hypocrisy). The older verses were the peaceful ones. Can
    you guess what the later ones were?

  20. CrimeJail

    It later turned out she had the completely wrong Dawson and even the one
    she mentioned, she had spoken to once. Women for you. 

  21. froginthegreen

    Oh look , a ‘ brace ‘ ofZionistJew terrorists …. or is thatMossad ‘
    assets ‘ ? Schlepper terrorist bastards .

  22. tigerboy1966

    The guy in this clip is a dick. He should have been like “OK Nat, I can see
    you’re upset, I’ll take it from here”. Instead he keeps asking her

  23. Becoming Smarter & wiser

    Whether is fake crying or not, I send my deep prayers and condolences to
    the families lost their loved ones. And may Allah have mercy on

  24. Conan White

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  25. giles166

    Fuck I hated the hype over this relatively minor incident

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