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News: Prices for Ewok Village, Winter Market and Sydney Opera House

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  1. crazydude121201


  2. Christopher Z


  3. Oscar Nunez


  4. LordOf TheBricks

    Jason,do You know even close when we should see Ewok Village pictures from

  5. gurjit740


  6. Josiah Delgado

    Really hope the Ewok Village is a great set for the price! Good job Brick

  7. DeltaNightroamCWA

    YES! Would MUCH rather prefer that over the Ewok Village 😀

  8. StopmotionStudios13

    I want pics of the ewok village!!!

  9. Oscar Nunez

    OK, everyone I found the picture and do what I say. And if it works, Thumbs
    Up so everyone can see it too. So, go to Google and type in “2014 lego
    ninjago” then go to the bottom of the page and click it you will land in a
    hungarian website. So next at the top, click “Blog” then you will see an
    Ewok Village. Has a lot of Minifigures but doesn’t look like a 250.00
    dollar set. Anyway Thumbs Up!!!!!!!

  10. Joshua Williams

    What the hell the price of the ewok village is too high I was soo lucking
    foreword to that set but I’m not paying 250 for it

  11. WebheadStudios

    You said the 2013 Sydney Opera House is an Architecture set, I recall is no
    – it will be a Lego Large Scale Model like the Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower
    and Taj Mahal. The Legends of Chima (Games) set is listed on as

  12. mee1379

    it will most likley be $250 because its always a lot cheaper in the us

  13. Brian S.


  14. Lego Hobbit

    At Least the set is Cheaper than the Death Star! 🙂

  15. 6ee93o

    i hope the ewok village is as good as the death star because if it is the
    price is awesome

  16. isaacpeeblesip

    The yoda hut was leaked on amazon in the yoda chronicle’s book.

  17. LegoKidsStudios

    You used the word niche! We learned it in science :’D

  18. Cavefire Studios

    where can I find that lego ewok village set pic you mentioned early in the

  19. Lachlan Jacobs

    we dont have a mear of sydney either austalia has 1 prime minister who runs
    the whole country

  20. john clonan

    Do the review of lego batman movie

  21. Saturnmaster1234

    In Europe sets are much more expensive than in America, so if it’s €200 it
    will be like $180 in America (it should be $260, but LEGO seems to like
    Americans more than the rest of the world).

  22. kyle gardner

    It will be awsome

  23. Dan Renner

    Official photos and video here: fbtb(dot)net/2013 /06 /01
    /10236-ewok-village-revealed /

  24. Baumtaler

    250 Euro ? The17 minfigs makes it so expensive. You can build your own ewok
    village for about 150 Euro and it would be twice as. big. Still awesome
    sets !

  25. Ardnightian

    Maybe the Opera house will be towere bridge/ Taj Mahal size

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