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Nine News Sydney (21/06/2009) with Mark Ferguson [HD]

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  1. widerangledotcom

    whoa. the new set is nice.

  2. Sturt16

    if u compare this set to adelaides nine news set u will be amazed how shit
    adelaides nine news is. This is great though

  3. airobsessed

    @Sturt16 yeah couldnt agree with you more. ive allways wondered why 7 beat
    the ratings in 2009 when nine news was so good with the set etc but if i
    lived in adelaide id without doubt watch channel 7

  4. Clarence Benjee

    Mark Ferguson is channel 7 not 9 the fuk :S ?

  5. Kevderp123

    he worked for 7 then for 9 then 7 again

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