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Nine News Sydney: Barangaroo Food Hub (6/8/2014)

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  1. Marco Polo

    We don’t have enough restaurants and cafes in Sydney, that much is evident
    when you see how many people are still crowding the major eateries in
    Sydney at lunchtime. This place will presumably have a new casino and
    copious office space, meaning more mouths to feed and potential customers.
    Plus the whole new precinct will be a tourist hub rivalling Circular Quay
    and Darling Harbour! So you do the maths.

  2. Alain Jonas

    the asthetic horror of sydney development.
    another future architectural eyesore like Dahling Harbore to enthrall &
    entertain the gullible masses & those with more $$$ than sense.
    sydney is a cheap whore on crack !

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