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[Nine News Sydney] Cracking down on CityRail fare evaders – 4/6/2013

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  1. Arnz D

    1) Car stealing is a crime with a victim, because another person is now
    missing their car. 2) Failing to pay for a train ticket is a victimless
    crime, because the system is run by the government and our tax dollars
    anyway. No harm, no foul. Perhaps if CityRail bother to properly improve
    the rail network, service delivery, trains, reduce unnecessary delays,
    boost security/safety and charge commuters a REALISTIC and AFFORDABLE price
    for fares then people won’t feel inclined to evade fairs.

  2. KCruz8

    City Rail ranks 4th in the world as the worst rail station and is the most
    expensive. Instead of fixing the problems they waste their money that we
    give them on this shit. Fuck the transport minister and fuck the people who
    run city rail.

  3. InstagramDatJoint

    $200 fine for not paying the correct fare while $0 fine for tagging all
    over the train.

  4. shuudaboiiz

    well what I do is wait for someone to go through and I just walk directly
    like behind them so I get through before the things closed , saved like 600
    dollars in like a year

  5. AntonioAzz

    1.18. That’s Mr Graham from Kingsgrove High

  6. 卡门 山迪亚戈

    In China,there is no fare evaders,coz the ticket is damn cheap,the
    Australia government is greedy they made the ticket so expensive.

  7. fusiontv1

    Some uni students were able to crack the code that NSW trains use with out
    touching any government systems it was just a matter of maths and they were
    able to generate their own tickets that worked.

  8. fusiontv1

    It was on TV of course

  9. Patricia Hooker

    How very sad that Kevin Wilde couldn’t investigate this story correctly.
    The man at 22 secs has Mental Health Issues!! He is often seen walking
    around Blacktown swinging his arms with a flick of his wrists whilst
    muttering under his breath. Shame channel nine for cheap journalism on a
    man with a disability.

  10. grantourismo0109

    opal card is money grabing

  11. Mark147KTM

    I’ve caught trains in other countries and accidentally brought the wrong
    ticket for the station I alighted from and all I had to do what buy the
    correct ticket. Now what do you think would happen to me here in Sydney?
    Most probably a $200 fine. Revenue raising bastards! 

  12. JinNOSify

    Maybe it will help by reducing the ticket prices? I mean, bloody hell, over
    $5 for one goddamn ride?

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