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NSW POLICE News Conference About Hostage Situation at Lindt Cafe, Sydney Australia ( VIDEO)

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  1. Rat ShiLL Revolution


  2. Richard Chubey

    I hope all the hostages come out alive. I also hope all the terrorists
    involved are gunned down on the spot. Terrorists Families taken into
    custody and if they are immigrants they get deported to their country of

  3. si sim

    prayers for the hostages; bullets for islamic terrorists – how can a
    religion think that this is just and correct? 

  4. gizzycat cat

    Not all Islamic people are terrorists, please know that. These crazy people
    are just using religion for their own agenda. I hope no one gets hurt.

  5. Delle Emme

    glitchy damn video.. can we get a transcript?? (..regardless of whether
    its ff or not)

  6. ProudBirther

    if any hostage is killed their blood should be on the communist liberal
    leaders that did nothing to protect the sheeple. from Islamic terrorist

  7. ILAN2187

    very good i like it 

  8. meltingpotato fishman

    Why can’t they just shoot the gunman?

  9. HangDeath

    What’s the deal with the quality of this video? 

  10. Anand Krishan

    Whole world should act together against this evil of this terrorism….
    This is not right at all… they are not human being… 

  11. Garry Ellis

    He went there as a muslim not anything else

  12. mor l

    Well now you see what’s going on in Israel .. European countries need to
    open their eyes .. israel can not make peace with terrorism…

  13. aymen mussa

    News update
    The guy was Iranian….
    Iranians government are America number one public enemy

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