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Parliament House arrest | 9 News Sydney

10 Responses

  1. Snaken

    haha that guy had to break the back window for something to do.

  2. PikaGirl21

    guy at back be like let me smash your back window screen no one will care

  3. Jarrad Davies

    Lol yeah.. like that old cunt was going to get away..

  4. Danny Tupu

    Agreed with +Snaken lol

  5. PerthAirportSpotter1


  6. Dane Poulsen

    Bit dramatic lol 

  7. Mathew Champion

    can they also go in and arrest the politicians as well?

  8. Bela Lantos

    Is this the right way to take out an old bloke who doesn’t want to move on?
    What’s going on? For goodness sake!

  9. Thomas Moore

    Hey did he smash that window?

  10. SeekerOfBigBooty

    thats a bit excessive dont you think? imo they could have just tranked the
    old bastard and then carried him off without making noise or causing damage

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