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Police Chief Gives Update On Sydney Cafe Hostage Siege

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  1. Laura Ross

    This could happen in the US any time as well. Prayers for the hostages

  2. texascommtech

    I am not stating this as fact; only that I read that the perp in this is an
    ISIS / Muslim terrorists. Of course I don’t want ANY innocents OR police
    harmed, but I will not consider the incident to be successfully concluded
    unless the perps get slaughtered. It’s way past time we ALL quit pretending
    that this ‘religion’ has ANY redeeming value; that is nothing less than a
    diabolical charade, a disguise for a satanic political ploy whose end goal
    is the total domination of the world and the death or enslavement of ANYONE
    who dares to live life according to their own conscience, preferences,
    customs or beliefs. Anyone doing things like this in the name of Islam or
    Allah deserves the death they claim they so fervently desire. My sincere
    prayers go to my brothers and sisters in Australia. Please show no mercy,
    give no quarter to these demons.

  3. coojsta69

    Its clear this mans wants free chocolate !

  4. AUS SUX



    OK, here we go again! This time it’s Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheik
    Haron (also known as Mohammad Hassan Manteghi), a self styled MUSLIM,
    radical-extremist. Iranian-born, Monis sought asylum in Australia in 1996,
    telling ABC News in 2001 he fled after falling foul of the Iranian regime.
    Isn’t it amazing that this man seeks asylum in Australia only to terrorize
    the very country that afforded him protection!
    When will “Western culture” understand that the admission of people with a
    “corrupted mindset” will ALWAYS lead to problems and will place its
    citizens in danger.
    Muslim culture (like Western culture) is ingrained at a very young age and
    I would argue, cannot be removed. This is why new arrivals in the west
    reinstall the very culture they were trying to escape from. Religion

  6. Roro Kidul

    good job for the Australian police, let us protect and keep our home land
    Australia more safer and stronger then before, dont let the evil people
    enter in Australia ever again. ,,

  7. Ben Lu

    I even didn’t hear what type of arm the terrorist had until the end of

  8. LIMjohneh hoho
  9. LIMjohneh hoho

    Oh..oh.. @ccesee. HO..HO.


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