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Rabbitohs Fan Strips Naked Live On Channel 9 News

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  1. MtechUZ

    Classic. Sorry for the volume at the end, turn town your speakers at 1:18

  2. _ BaileyBooster

    I saw this live too xD

  3. MrWillyworm1969

    Funny but the poor kids next to him.

  4. Mallory Hull

    His face when he notices 

  5. Daniel Mitchell

    LMAO! Stay classy Rabbitohs fans!

  6. daddeeeeee

    go the rabbits …this man represents just a small minority of rabbitohs
    fans ..great win by the boys …a win for the ages.. go the rabbits…..let
    the dynasty begin…

  7. Timothy Connell

    So classy! Not!

  8. gbog0588

    classy fans

  9. Brennan Huff

    Hahahahah y was he rocking like that so creepy

  10. Sole Keffs

    I can’t respect that. That’s disgusting mate, there’s children and families
    around, what example are you setting?
    I’m a diehard Souths supporter and am too overwhelmed by this historical
    win, but this is too far.
    Show some respect for yourself mate.

  11. Hawk eye

    he seems like fun…people acting all prude like its just a penis every guy
    has one & in some cases two…

  12. BrigadierMJ


  13. Rob Ki

    This man should receive the Todd Carney Medal 

  14. TheAllout1111

    this is fucken hilarious , cock & balls swinging

  15. A El Masri


  16. Rebecca K

    Typicall junkie south supportor. What a fucken scum. 

  17. donnyab

    brain dead austraaaaalians

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