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Racist rant on Sydney bus. Woman not convicted.

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  1. Dux Domagoi

    I like Australia, I think I’m going to move there.

  2. Júlio Murta

    i’m brazilian and i’m going to australia in this year to get your jobs and
    womans. deal with it.

  3. Ashleigh

    To everyone watching this that isn’t Australian and thinks this is how we
    all act, well it isn’t. This type of person is called a bogan. Don’t worry
    we hate them too :)

  4. PKTV

    if I was that guy I would be pissing myself laughing, only in Sydney this
    shit happens haha ahhh o well, and they say Brisbane has Rednecks, this
    video shows its really Sydney 🙂 and they really are backward NSW so yeah
    doesn’t surprise me that there still stuck in the 1970s

  5. AzNwacko

    Lol I wish these niggas done this in the hood. World star fight comp.

  6. Cheeky Twatt

    she says “learn some manners” then in the next breath says “stick it up
    your mums cunt”. Classy chick.

  7. Clarissa Lu

    Can’t believe no one on the bus did anything

  8. Ae Leilua

    lol..”fuck Julia Gillard too” lmao

  9. Mr. Smith

    Jackie chan should have been more considerate and sat down. If I was there
    I would have put him down real quick.

  10. Lumo

    This woman probably aint even married yet, living at home with her shit
    cunt mum, fingerpoppin each other’s assholes.

  11. BasketballStud99

    A descendant of the convicts, what did you expect?

  12. rquintero3

    Dumb zipperheads not sitting down. Glad that women stood up against those
    dumb pan faces.

  13. Hotspur560

    So is this a normal occurrence in Aus??

  14. ByeStender

    Only thing she could do is acting like a uncivilized little bltch and yell
    at him, if she make a move on him I bet she would end up in Hospital.
    Always wanted to go visit Sydney but discrimination is real, people are
    rude. I live in Canada btw and people here are much nicer. Just sayin… 

  15. Sidney de Vries

    I hope that woman dies. 

  16. slickrickbawss

    I would have fucking bashed her I don’t give a fuck if she’s a woman. She’s
    a bogan waste of space that probably bludges off the dole. Fucking cunt

  17. ryanjameschannel

    Can you imagine what Asians would think if Anglo-Judeans flooded into their
    country and started taking their jobs, land etc just because they felt like
    it? They wouldn’t allow it because they are proud of their Asian culture.
    So why do people think it is such a bad thing for Anglo-Judeo Australians
    to be proud of their own culture? Proof of this is that Asian countries
    (Japan excepted) do not allow foreigners to buy land.

    Anglo-Judeans built the infrastructure of this country so when non
    Anglo-Judeans come here and attempt to compete with locals there is a sense
    of being cheated. For example, locals have paid taxes to build this
    country so are understandably upset when upstarts come here to take
    advantage of the infrastructure built by others. Again, do you think Asian
    countries would accept an influx of Anglo-Judeans into their countries
    (taking their jobs, land etc) just because they felt like it? Of course

  18. afrrique

    You cant blame white people for their evilness, the chaos, lies, havoc and
    death they spread. Its in their nature. Their not even 100% human so why
    would they not cause havoc amongst humans. Their not homo sapiens. They
    have the same hair texture as the animals. We should have destroyed these
    subhumans when we had the chance, but being human we only casted them out
    and showed mercy. Biggest mistake in human history cause now its come back
    to bite us on the ass. They are a cancer to the earth. They destroy and
    kill all. But the earth has defenses. Mainly the sun, these subhuman devil
    spawns cant stand the sun. I wont live to see it but they will be
    eradicated by nature itself.

  19. colakissed

    wish she would of said that to me. her ass would of been on the sidewalk.

  20. AwesomeSoldier44

    What a cunt

  21. Gnawer Shreth

    What a horrible bitch.
    It’s always the same with those racists.. They have this idea that they’re
    better than other colors, that they’re somehow defending the white race or
    whatever, but in reality nothing makes me more embarrassed to be white than
    white racists. It’s not Asians, black people or whatever making white
    people look bad. It’s the racists themselves. White or not, she’s clearly
    not better than the Asian kid. Quite the opposite. She made that clear to
    everyone with her bigoted bullshit. She’s an embarrassment.

    The same goes for those “WHITE PRIDE!” people. While I am aware that they
    believe they’re doing me a favor, nothing makes me feel less “proud” of
    being white than seeing and hearing their utter bullshit. If they’re so
    proud of being white, why are they so intent on making white people look
    like ignorant shits? :/

  22. Steven Stringer

    This doesn’t surprise me… Australia is still considered to be the rudest
    country in the modern world.

  23. Kapooka98

    Awh poor kid, Asians are nice people :(

  24. Aaron Nikel

    Poor kids. Why at least didn’t anyone tell this woman to be quiet? A full
    bus of bystanders. This nation is sick.

  25. HarveyIsTheBoss

    Someone please knuckle punch this cunt in the throat.

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