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Raw: Apparent Hostage Situation Erupts in Sydney

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  1. Mathew Titus

    What some people will do – for a cup of coffee…

  2. Zac6230

    Obama was absent and Reggie Love was briefed on situation. Now that Obama
    is back in the White House, Reggie will proceed to debrief him.

  3. David Hastings

    There is no place for islam in western societies!

  4. Shanghai Noon

    Eventually, the world should declare total war on the Middle East and put
    an end to this bull shit. 

  5. southernman

    Islam is poison. Its time to wake up to the fact that their is no such
    thing as a moderate muslim, they are all brainwashed by their stoneage
    religious beliefs and will never side with those western countries that
    took them in.Wake up its time to deport all muslims who dont swear
    allegiance to the Aussie flag.

  6. HumanoidSparky

    Fellow Australians, I agree that this is a very disturbing event to be
    happening, but we cannot let these Islamic extremists pervert the way we
    view all Muslims living is Australia. We’ve come so far in our battle
    against racism and prejudice to let a few extremist dick heads shatter our
    budding cultural awareness.
    Terrorism is a fucking atrocity, but it goes both ways. Australian soldiers
    have been terrorising Islamic states for years. This is probably the reason
    that some Muslims turn extremist. We’re feeding hate with hate, and it’s
    getting us no where.

    Hate the terrorists themselves, but don’t let it cloud your judgement on an
    entire religion.

  7. BreaKINGBAD

    When you have Muslim extremists who believe if they kill in the name of
    Allah they will be in heaven with a permanent hard on having sex with
    hundreds of women there is something severely wrong with that religion.
    Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

  8. DrDeagle

    Yay Islam! Let’s all celebrate the most peaceful religion on earth hurray!

  9. TheVandolizm

    oh no not the chocolate shop! come on people if he was actually a proper
    terrorist you think he would’ve picked the fucking Lind shop, hes just a

  10. dara

    once again, again and again they claim that “it does not have anything to
    do with Islam”, but it is opposite, Islam and its teachings is behind
    Islamist terrorism
    Islam is Crime Against Humanity

  11. DidHeDied

    I’m ashamed as a human being to share this planet with Muslims.

  12. Brian Fay

    I hope they capture this islamic bastard and drag him through the streets
    of sydney letting all the Australians punch kick and piss on him then
    finally hanging him and feeding him to the pigs. Islam has no place in the
    western world they are cunts and should all be nuked

  13. Colonel*James*Steel*did*it

    American funded idiot terrorist, absolutely nothing to do with religion. An
    attempt to justify and cover up american torture while whipping up support
    for muricas middle east criusades

  14. james lloyd

    Where are the conspiracy theorists? They are normally out in force by now. 

  15. mark scott

    It’s one stray man. What’s the big deal? Events like this should just be
    ignored….. “.Oh look, there’s a man over there threatening to kill people
    in a cafe…..let’s go to a different Cafe today then ” 

  16. John Spartan

    Mumbai, Boston, Woolwich, Nairobi, Ottawa and now Sydney. What is wrong
    with these people? Is there an elephant in the room?

  17. hypermetalsonic

    Praise Muhammad!

  18. GUAVcis06

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been another crusade

  19. Andrew S

    The indignation of common people against the atrocity of murderous Muslim
    Fanatics has reached boiling point. At the same time the impotence and
    futility of any of our efforts to contain them is crushingly painful.

    If we do not change our policies and our laws geared to Islamists, we might
    as well let the Jihadists win and throw National security out of the
    window, letting such incidences to happen in Time Square, Washington DC,
    Beverley Hills, Pentagon, Harvard, MIT, etc, etc…

    We want the government to radically change to:

    1. Immediately allow religious profiling to effectively target ALL Muslims.

    2. Legalize extended interrogation of Muslim prisoners inside US and at the

    3. Outlaw face covering for all Muslim women (China has done it in a heart

    4. Stop immigrants from any of the Muslim countries

    5. Outlaw Sharia Law and severely punish those who practice it

    6 Monitor and have Imans report the content of their surmon and teachings
    in the mosques

    7 Bring back death penalty for committing Jihadism and Honor killing

    8 Those who willingly join ISIS will have their citizenship automatically
    stripped and are not allowed to re-enter US

    9 One child per family policy for ALL Muslim couples living in US

    10 Strip all Muslims from any and all government offices

    11 NSA to monitor Muslim web sites, tweets, FB entries and all Internet
    activities and detain Muslims with any indication of hatred of Jews and

    12 Block all Muslim web sites, internet materials, discussion boards,
    propaganda materials

    13 Dismember all Muslim organizations, starting with the CAIR

    14 kick out all Islamist who have been included in the White House advisory

    15 Any Muslim sympathizing organizations including the media have their
    license terminated

    16 Give CIA and FBI extra power to profile each and every Muslim inside the

    17 No Muslim prayers allowed in any of the public places

    18 Deport Muslims who are pro jihadism

    19 Outlaw Muslim gatherings, protests and demonstrations when they feel

    20 mandatory extra schooling for Muslim children to learn American history
    and America way of life

    21 streamline court processes to handle Muslim Radicalism related cases.

    22 Muslims are not permitted to enter flight schools, carry guns, drafted
    into military and police services,

    23 Compile list of and Assassinate every all Jihad leaders around the

    24 12hr/day bombing raid on possible locations inside ISIS where ISIS
    leaders reside.

    25 FIRST, Amend our constitution to allow all the above

    Police State you shout? Dictatorship? Fascist? Nazism?

    NO! these are extraordinary War-Time Measures against Muslims. All and
    every other citizen continues to enjoy the freedoms and rights they have
    always been enjoying.

    Reminding you of what went through with the Japanese Americans during WWII?

    Well, Tough! Blame your own people who started the atrocity against
    humanity and acts of wanton destruction of non-believers.

    Blame yourself for not doing enough to demand radical change to modernize

    We no longer want to play tolerant. We are ready to be even more vicious
    than ISIS. That’s how we rid your extremism and keep peaceful citizens

  20. Cory Griffith

    Just curious but I am assuming they had snipers set up all around the
    building. Why did they just not shoot him through the window during that
    part in the video when he was clearly exposed?

  21. zareh77

    the islamic problems in the uk are 100 times worse than the australian
    islamic problems. most of our british muslims are of pakistani origin. the
    worst type of muslims in the world. they follow the salafi and wahabi
    branches of sunni islam. at least in australia u have a tiny minority of
    extremists from the lebanese islamic community. in uk you have a large
    percentage of extremism amongst british muslims. mostly of pak origin.
    these british pak muslims are vicious, selfish and show no remorse when
    people like lee rigby and the 7/7 victims are innocently killed. uk muslim
    population-2.8 million and aus muslim population-only 500,000. u aussies
    have more of a chance of ending islamic immigration by a long shot compared
    to the uk. the uk is finished along with france, norway, belgium, sweden,
    holland, spain and denmark. wake up australian government and smell the

  22. natezgreat4222

    Another day another Islamic attack. Mohammed must be getting a hard on 

  23. TheWersum

    Ban Islam!!! Anyone who is in government who is supporting or defending
    Islam should be in jail for treason.

  24. Jacky J Jones

    I know it must have been a very terrifying and tense affair being held
    hostage by that nutter… but apart from perhaps ‘John O’Brien’ the 82 year
    old… I am very disappointed, that most of those that chose to run out
    were ‘Men’… and I use that term ‘Men’ quite loosely.
    We have to question… What sort of ‘Men’ were these to have run out and
    left the women behind with this madman?
    On the surface of it… it would seem that one of the only ‘Real Men’ in
    there was ‘Tori Johnson’. And ‘Katrina Dawson’ it would seem… had ‘more
    bottle’ than all of those ‘supposed men’ that chose to do the runner.
    Of course we all now sadly know… that it was ‘Tori and Katrina’ that were
    killed… and all those who sustained major injuries (apart from the one
    police officer) were all ‘women’.
    I can’t help thinking that those who chose to run out, inflamed the
    situation, by enraging the gunman.. and in so doing… made it ‘not only
    harder for those left behind’ but also much more difficult for the police
    negotiators, who were working steadily towards having a ‘peaceful outcome’.
    If ‘certain people’ had stuck with their mates instead of thinking only of
    themselves…. Katrina and Tori may well still be alive.

  25. josef williams

    how’s that gun control going for yeah Australia?

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