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RAW: Freak clouds turn Sydney sky dark, thunderstorm cuts power

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  1. Rita Bruce


  2. HeartlandRanchTV

    The aliens are coming; this is clearly an inter-dimensional portal. Prepare
    for your anal probe!

  3. SrafasFromRS

    Ameripig thunder attack! !!

  4. MrGeewiznyc

    you fucking white devils and that fucking haarp shit gotta go…

  5. adam wall

    fuck me

  6. Stop@mericangenocide

    Looks like a typical Irish summer to me

  7. geramaquinista

    Run, the tripods are coming!!!

  8. Toni Hall


  9. FixedByDoc OffGrid

    this is why im off grid… I cant lose power unless someone steals my
    battery bank. storms like these just create power for me.

  10. rosie684

    So they had a storm? 

  11. John Malkovich

    Looks like the beginning of the War of the Worlds.
    I’m sure Tom Cruise was somewhere down there losing his shit. 😀 


    Thats what happens when you scrap the carbon tax America puts H.A.R.P on
    full blown.

  13. The Kremlin & Adolf Putin fund RT

    To all the people commenting America controls the weather, if this was
    true, America is far more advanced then Russia by decades.

  14. MrJoyride619

    Thats not “Freak Clouds”,expected better from an International News
    Channel.Thats like some Village idiot seeing Lamborgini and going “i saw
    this Ungodly thing”.

    Its HAARP.

    A USA Navy Project based on Nikola Tesla Technology,its located in
    Alaska,USA Govt details it in public documents,not all about it but enough
    about it,its been on HistoryChannel.Only people whose minds are lost in
    petty matters dont have clue about it whereas HAARP Project is in process
    since 1983.

    Spread information about it please.Google or Youtube HAARP

    Symmetrical Clouds Formation or Unusual pattern of Clouds is like one of
    the most basic things HAARP can do among its various and much complicated
    Applications,the HAARP Public Documents arent shy enough to admit that but
    such is the level of the Highest Echelons of our Prestigious Journalism
    that they dont have the slightest clue about this Information thats in
    Public Domain,which every single Human Being on the Planet should be aware
    of,they so Oblivious to it they label it “Freak”.

    We consider ourselves the most advanced Civilization in Human History yet
    when it comes to things that we dont know about or cannot comprehend but
    which evidently exist,despite living in a highly Technological age we are
    as Medieval as the people or civilizations or generations we consider

  15. PuebloRevolt91

    No thunder? We get the same thing in Texas. I know it could be a far away
    storm but something about these storms seem off. 

  16. byHindu

    In other news, a storm hit sydney…

  17. Brian Griffin

    Anyone living in the American Midwest would recognize this as a “wall
    cloud” supercell which usually produces tornadoes. This has nothing to do
    with H. A. A. R. P. Or God’s wrath. 

  18. macek677

    Stratospheric Aerosol Injections (<— google it).
    Geoengineered cloud/weather 0:08

  19. poncho joe

    its meant to be summer down here, yet the weathers as crap as its been all
    year if not worse. Of course there’s geoengineering going on daily

  20. cheekyoziechick

    Nothing normal happening on Earth any more. Nothing surprises me.

  21. largelysubatomic

    Another nature video to draw unsuspecting YouTubers in to see Russian

  22. ShynAwkward

    The sky at 0:08 seconds looks like bad CGI from the first Terminator

  23. RED PILL


  24. Francisco Pizarro

    Notice how these storms in Australia come in bands, like the bands on a
    weather map, which rush in and go away just as quickly – until the next
    band of storm comes through. I wonder what this all means. Maybe the
    aether, that mysterious 5th element is real after all. 

  25. Abas Wais

    Some christian american faggot out there is probably going to spot a
    ”Jesus face” somewhere in there.

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