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Raw: Police Storm Sydney Cafe

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  1. TheYizuman

    Hope their bullets was laced with pig’s blood for these Muzzieheads.

  2. sugreev2001

    When will these idiots understand that Islam is incompatible with the west.
    These terrorist attacks maybe few and far between, but they are fueling the
    anger of people in the most powerful nations on the planet. It’s only a
    matter of time before we start finding nutjobs arming themselves and taking
    it on themselves to bomb Muslim-majority areas in Western countries and
    Western aligned countries like Australia & New Zealand. The tipping point
    is gonna come soon, especially since even a dialogue is prevented by the
    retarded Far-left because anyone who does rightly question Muslims is
    called a racist and made an outcast.

  3. bnikanor

    Hope the fucking terrorist didn’t die, they need to question him about his
    terrorist collagues, and then he can die

  4. Vork81

    Counter Terrorists Win

  5. Bye Saengsri

    Kill all this Mother Fucker Muslim.

  6. Ghenghy

    Bend over Aussies, you’re about to take it in the rear.

  7. hotpocketpoison

    why so many fucking shots??? they had to have fired at least 200 rounds to
    kill *one* guy. and even through all that, one officer managed to get shot
    in the face. is Aussie SWAT trained by fucking airsofters or something???

  8. EndlessFunctionality

    Maybe now Australia will be tougher on the so called ‘religion’ Islam

  9. RedskinK28

    Islam is such a violent religion

  10. pommf


  11. junker154

    Let’s condemn an entire population and its religion due to some actions of
    an extremist who is clearly fanatical, absolutely radical and violent about
    his beliefs and views.

  12. 7hz8

    this is so heartbreaking. 2 innocent killed and others will may live in a
    trauma. =[
    im not sure but i think this is propaganda. hhhh suck. in fact, the victim
    just an ordinary people. please. where is humanity?! and being criticized
    because their religion is muslim..i feel so bad for them. dear buddy, dont
    feed the troll. just ignore it and wear your religion attribute/hijabs.
    thats your right. “i’ll ride with you” is a proof that there still lots of
    amazing people out there. thanks God. if i were in auc, i would gladly join
    too. So wonderful that social media can be used creatively and with
    powerful human messages. #illridewithyou 

  13. 200mphz06

    Diversity has never worked and never will. Keep non-Whites out of your
    country. And let Israel fight their own battles.

  14. Dimon

    Police lied: two hostages were killed by police and not by the offender,
    who did not even have a gun. Hostages unexpectedly escaped themselves.
    Police did not even expect that. Then police rushed into the cafe
    unprepared with no light on and shot everything what was moving including
    hostages. To worsen up the situation as 3 police oficers went in, the rest
    started to throw granades inside, so those oficers who was already inside
    was stuned as well and could not aim properly. But they of cause will never
    admit that 2 dead hostages is simply a coloteral damage of their amature
    operation, claimed to be the “best in the world”.
    Let ask these questions:
    Where is the offenders gun? Why police deleted youtube videos made by
    offender on hostages mobile phone? Why police did not fulfil offenders
    demands (to speak with PM and to deliver him a muslim flag) for so long?
    You can see that hostages are very frustrated about this in their 3 video
    messages (search http://www.leave leaks.. for it). Why police lied that they dont
    know the ofender’s motivation? In fact it was a protest against australian
    troops deployed in Syria and other countries. Why police wont show the
    interview with the hostages, so they can confirm everything? Why police
    dont release the video of the operation, which they took during the assault
    on cafe? Why they allowed that iranian asylum seaker to be in the country
    at first place?

  15. AugustanFinn

    You only stop a Jihadist with a bullet to the head.
    Aussies need to step up with their counter terror activities and shoot any
    muslim resisting.This is about national security.

  16. fawzi gh

    You Australian dont understand about the difference between Islam and
    terrorism . when prophet mohamad wanna fight in any war he had told to his
    soldiers do not attack any old people or any woman or child or even do not
    cut or burn any plants however these islamic terrorists are only people who
    do not understand islamic crealy and with reinforcement they commenced
    attacking us as muslims vs Muslims ( I am Muslim and I dont support that
    group ) , please if you have judged islam and it system , please go and
    read about it and how peaceful it is.

  17. UseAsDirected100

    Like Sam Harris says, this is not about religious fundamentalism, it is
    about religious *fundamentals*. Religion makes people do wicked things
    they would not ordinarily do. Christopher Hitchens: “Can you name a moral
    action taken, or a moral statement made, by a believer that could not have
    been made by a secularist? If I was to ask you can you think of a wicked
    action that could only have been performed by someone who believed they
    were on an errand from God, there isn’t one of you who would take 10
    seconds to think of an example.” Secularists do not do this because they
    do not kill in the name of secularism or atheism or both. 

  18. Normel Lamela

    just like what happen in zamboanga philippines

  19. Elias Firmino

    Muslims threat, Muslims attack, Muslims bomb and Muslims behead … I am so
    tired of these people. I really am.

  20. browser067

    The day when the circus came to town. Do ppl really believe this shit about
    a hostage siege. He was just the guinea pig the government used for their
    agenda to enter Syria and Iraq and bring in new laws. He had the perfect
    profile that they could use as bait to suck everyone in. This was just a
    stage set up right in front of Channel 7 and dragged for so many hrs. When
    the director said action they all storm in. Anyone that knows about
    military training would know, you don’t run into a building first THEN
    throw flashbangs. You throw flashbangs first then go in. That is why they
    are called flashbangs and have a specific purpose. Oh and they claimed he
    had explosives as well. We all know, you don’t just storm in if you
    suspect someone with a bomb and risk all the hostages and officers lives.
    Even if one was shot, you don’t risk the lives of others. I believe police
    were already inside b4 they so called stormed the place. They let a few out
    to reduce casualties and they just may have shot those 2 ppl. Why would all
    the lights be put out in darkness. Pretty stupid if you are holding
    hostages if you can’t even see them. There were a hell of alot of shots
    fired to take down 1 person. Anyone would have thought there was a regime
    in there. The flashes didn’t even look like they were coming from the
    rifles. They were so out of sync. There was firepower, but no flashes, then
    there’s flashes with no gunfire. You would almost think they set up some
    sort of light display prior. The most obvious should have been right from
    the start. If a so called ‘terrorist’ was really planning one of these,
    don’t you think he would bring a flag, instead of requesting one. He must
    have forgotten it I suppose. The flag was just the propaganda the
    government wanted to show ppl that this was some sort of Islamic attack,
    If he really wanted to kill anyone he would have long b4, even when those
    ppl ran out and what sort of hostage taker allows ppl to run out. If normal
    civilians can run out undetected during the day, how is it authorities
    couldn’t go in, yet one was already in there and casually walks out. What’s
    to say the guy is even dead. There is so much details and facts the
    authorities don’t want and will never allow the public to know. Those are
    the answers we need, not the bs they come out with. Government got what
    they intended. Mission accomplished. Brainwashed the naive that don’t do
    any research. Divide and conquer. That is the way they do it.

  21. Ryan Zad

    the police did a really bad job, peace and blessings of Allah be upon
    him, Muhammadun Rasul Allah, Alaihissalatu Wassalam

  22. 4309eee

    Halal certification boss widely reported as having left Sydney Lindt cafe
    just before jihad siege began now denies having been there. Lindt decline
    to be certified for Halal. Is this the reason Lindt café was target?

  23. Trec93

    how can muslims from the 3rd world countries even immirgrate to Australia,
    I mean even other 1st world countries have the visa issues with Australia,
    how come the 3rd world muslims can flood that country so easily???

  24. Pharaoh

    Did he have a riot shield or what? how on earth did the firefight last so
    long when an entire swat team stormed just one dude? 

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