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RAW: Sydney siege ends with gunfire, explosions and hostages shot

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  1. Matija Brković

    Excellent performance from Tactical Group, those haji fucks will think
    twice before doing something like that.

  2. freenewsau

    One of the most terrifying news events I have covered in my career.

    Very upsetting seeing CPR being performed on gunshot victims who were just
    rescued from the building.

    A sad day for Sydney and Australia.

  3. Wisborg

    Sad indeed.
    People unite! Togehter we are stronger.

    3:35 ? Whats that second gunfire/explosions? And such wierd response
    from everyone. I wonder what it was.

  4. epictreasure

    Did a great job. Watched this entire broadcast with you!

  5. MessinAbout80

    I watched this live with you, I felt as shaken and disturbed as you did!
    My condolences to the families of the hostages who didn’t make it out of
    there alive. What a senseless and miserable crime.

  6. sebchenkooo

    most of the explosions are from flash bangs. 1 flashbang lets of 9
    rounds/explosions. police are trained and get used to the flashbangs where
    others are not. only shooting was at the start and you can distinguish the
    sound of the shotgun being fired easily.

  7. Molly Mayor

    My aunt and cousin were in this and wow I can’t believe this is on Utube
    maybe I can but wow 

  8. John D

    We share in your terror and grief Australia I’m sorry to hear what happened
    I’m from USA So sorry for this to happen at all at least that piece of shit
    terrorist is dead

  9. Hat Hair

    What a sad day for all Australians

  10. Spencer Stewart

    Why do people bash police officers when they are the ones that have to do

  11. Kipster B

    What happened around 3:40? Why were there more sounds of bangs?

  12. Ben Beaupré

    the joy of multicultiralism?

  13. Paul Marundan

    As much we watch a lot of hollywood movies, a real event is infinite times
    more horrifying.

  14. minervius

    a concealed license holder would have killed the repeat offense fellon if
    such laws would have been in place. and because its the opposite they had
    to wrestle him for his illegaly psoessed gun and way too much innocent had
    to die.

  15. Blatant Abuse

    Bury that asshole with a hogs head.

  16. lionheart100syd

    Aussies fuckers go back and watch channel 7,9,10 and start rioting

  17. Joshie Walker

    terrible event in our great city. I know I’ll be avoiding the CBD like the
    plague for a long time afterwards. highly commend the tactical police group
    for the takedown – its a real challenge when they can’t get eyes on target
    to verify numbers of x-rays (hostiles) and yankees (hostages) or of other
    threats like explosive booby-traps etc. They could only go on what the
    hostages who had come out earlier had told police when they were briefed
    after escaping. But so easily another “hostage” could have been an

    what’s really scary is that this will not deter future extremist lone wolf
    or group attacks in Sydney or other locations in Australia because the
    cocksucking goat fuckers WANT to die for their Jihad. Hope this Man Manis
    or whatever the dog’s name was gets his 72 women plagued with AIDs in his
    Paradise instead of virgins.

    Now to anyone out there that shares this dickheads extremist views and is
    determined to bring Australia under Shariah Law, I promise you that if that
    ever happens, I will make it my mission in life until the day I die to
    butcher every single one of you – men, women and children – anyone who
    shares the extremist views – and believe me, I have no qualms in dirtying
    myself and my soul and conscience in the process. After the shit I had to
    do in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Army, I know I’m going to Hell anyway,
    so I have nothing to lose in defending Australia’s right to not live under

    But otherwise, don’t get me wrong, I’m no racist, I love Muslims, have many
    Aussie Muslim friends, they are great people – hard working, loyal, honest
    and tough – some of the things real Aussies value the most in my eyes.
    These Muslim mates of mine all agree with my stance on that.

  18. Anomie Aith

    what does this word ‘siege’ mean in it’s usage here? is this occurrence
    defined by the police reaction? because that would be a siege. Are we
    implying that the police reaction is why people are mourning? That day, I
    thought an unstable individual tried to play big shot,and in the process
    ultimately helped Australia fall further into a climate of hatred and
    racism. I suppose it would be hard to call it a terrorist attack because
    nobody would buy it. 

  19. Lawrence Scicluna Photography

    Where the hell is the ambulance???????????????? 

  20. Yatukih001

    Here I am to ruin the day…..

  21. Andrew Tornadoboy

    @Freenewsau, I’m in the US and was watching a live feed when it all started
    going to hell, it was one of the most disturbing things I’ve watched happen
    live since 9/11, I’m amazed and thankful most of the hostages survived.

  22. Stoogie

    It takes 1 bullet to kill a man, not 100, they should re-evaluate their
    training because their aim is terrible.

  23. kawasakiNinjaRider1

    I’d like to shoot the female pig who kept saying ” get back get back ” you
    can’t do anything in this country without cops ruining your fun.

  24. THE KING

    This could’ve been solved better without the deaths of the innocent people
    if they tool the shot earlier when they had the chance instead of camping
    outside the cafe for 16 hrs waiting for something to happen.
    If this shit happened in the U.S or anywhere in Europe, the snipers
    would’ve took them out instantly.
    AU authority got sloppy & scared if Monis had a bomb around his body, so
    what shoot that fucking terrorist in the head!

  25. jason baby

    Domination by firepower, the ugly end of the stick. Turns out he got shot
    twice in the head and 10 times in the body.Thanks to everyone who serves,
    thanks for our protection.

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