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Seven News Sydney – 90 Second ‘Everywhere’ promo (July 2014)

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  1. TheNewspig

    “Everywhere” the old early 90’s nine slogan… Gulfwar era

  2. Moana940

    Does anyone by any chance know the song being played in this promo?

  3. looseclown

    song name please????

  4. ritesh thakur

    Oh yeah, looking for the song …… anyone!

  5. Ryan Wong

    I googled the lyrics but i can’t find the song name. Anyone know the name
    of this song?

  6. j1984

    What is the song. I even tried Facebooking the Seven News page to see if
    they would tell me

  7. Richard Derks

    Does anyone kno the name and singer of this song

  8. Richard Derks

    Does anyone kno the name and singer of this song

  9. somewhereeinthestars

    I don’t think this song has been released yet, it legitimately does not
    exist on the internet. hopefully it comes out soon 

  10. Kiarn j

    I hope this gets released as a song soon 

  11. Alice Hua

    I want this song! Tried googling the lyrics and it’s nowhere to be found :(

  12. Angela Xiao

    this song though its so good xD

  13. liam baker

    this probably the best news promo I’ve ever seen 

  14. Mike Boyd

    Song is Worlds Apart by Go Comet! It’s available on iTunes.

  15. Jasper Matthews

    The song is called “Worlds Apart” by Go Comet 🙂 Hope this helps everyone!

  16. gearjammer

    Song name is WORLD’S APART by GO COMET look it up on iTunes 

  17. gearjammer

    Worlds apart by go comet it’s on iTunes 

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