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Seven News Sydney – CityRail Graffiti on the rise (22/2/2013)

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  1. Brucektrain Trainspotting

    Cityrail or Railcrop need Build Shelter or warehouse to keep train inside.
    to aovid of Graffitis

  2. timmy3069

    I blame the parents

  3. Panels Lads

    fuck u

  4. Panels Lads

    and fuck u

  5. Juan Castro


  6. Matt inhat

    Its actually not always the parents.. Kid could have the best parents in
    the world but that wont change nothing coz hes hanging with writers and
    getting influenced. thick in the head mate.

  7. MrNevilPinto

    where do you think they keep them now? they dont just leave them out in the
    open fuck the news watching general public (yes you) are fucking slow ‘duh
    lets build a fence to keep the spray kids out’

  8. Panels Lads

    hahaha couldnt of said it better myself brother, i made that video they
    played at the start ahaha PLS

  9. timmy3069

    1:15 didn’t some TV show do something there (clue:not the news)

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