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Seven News Sydney – Closing Opal Card loop hole (29/6/2015)

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  1. Voyagerthe2nd

    Use Common sense guys! Opal is used to pay for traveling, not to play with!

  2. Justin Ly

    It too cost lessly to travel. Vote labor 

  3. Ainslie Yuun Yii

    I saw this coming eventually. The Erskineville-Macdonaldtown trick has
    helped me save lots, since I can’t even get a concession Opal card as the
    government is taking its sweet time to roll it out for TAFE. It actually
    ends up being cheaper than me buying concession paper tickets.

  4. shooter downunder

    Honestly what on earth did they expect

  5. Philip Choo

    What’s the bigger rip off?
    Saving $15 a week or the millions they will spend on trying to make sure
    everyone pays more?
    These guys are walking between stops. They aren’t over burdening the
    transport system by walking.
    The government could surely be focusing on more pressing matters. 

  6. Mark Evans

    What a load of crap… The govt sponsored us doing this….
    Headline grabbers! Go fix the bigger issues like all the backhanders being
    paid to the ministers!

  7. Jonathan Chua

    Common sense is to find the cheapest way to travel.

  8. Melbourne's Public Transport Gallery

    If it’s legal and saves money then do it. I would for sure.

  9. TSydneyTrains TCityRail Vlogs

    Save with opal card.

  10. Justin Ly

    Vote number 1 for labor

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