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[Seven News Sydney] Dangerous Train & Bus Routes – 5/3/2012

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  1. clubpenguin777

    lol denisone isnt on the north shore line

  2. GazzaOak

    Defs the northern beaches…… kinda like sydney version of Frankston in

  3. danielkuzzo

    love the L90

  4. john mckay

    safest stations: north shore with denisone. they are grouped as the safest
    lines, who said they are on the same line?

  5. john mckay

    Pacific Islanders (fobs) in groups are highly probable trouble makers, they
    also may start trouble by provoking people with either girls or younger
    teens friends. looking on the bright side, the majority of islanders here
    in Australia has no life. Let them live their ignorant lives hanging around
    train stations because what goes around shall come around. (clear examples
    can been seen such as the Bankstown stabbings)


    Ha I think I’m in that video

  7. Maria

    I suggest you check the statistics before making general assumptions about
    a particular race or culture. Where do you get your so called facts about
    pacific islanders. I would love to see this. You need something to back up
    your statement!

  8. john mckay

    that majority of pacific islanders here in Australia has no life? Well, I’m
    afraid that the actual statistics may be more cruel than my words.

  9. Maria

    Well so far you haven’t shown any statistics to back up your statement, so
    you can’t make assumptions from nowhere….where are these so called
    statistics you claim…waiting

  10. sydnytrainspotter

    Oi John why don’t you go and fuck yourself you arrogant bogan piece of
    shit! You wanna start making shit up about us fobs? Then be prepared to an
    ass whopping by one of us. I bet your from Perth you little naive piece of
    shit cocksucking motherfucking racist fucked up bastard. I swear to god
    when I meet you Ill fucking destroy your little white Aussie ass (Im half
    Fijian and White Australian so I can say anything). You naive cocksucker.

  11. sydnytrainspotter

    Unless you can prove to us (and fobs are trouble making there’s no way
    around it) that we are that bad, one example is not enough. Then I can
    agree. But to say we have to life, I just goes to show your naive
    cocksucking nature. I think you’ve been spoiled your whole life, because
    you can say shit like that, but you can’t back it up because your a no life
    faggot. Get fucked.

  12. Nazeli Robertson

    denistone isnt even on the north shore line its on the epping to central
    via strathfield section of the northern line and no one ever gets on from
    denistone no wounder

  13. Wushhuismylife

    not da of fault those drunk kids! it’s da fault of bus driver ! Wat i
    would’ve done ( stop the bus and give everyone clear order to wrap it up
    &if that keep on going i just simply stop the bus again and shoot one of em
    and behead em with kitchen knife and have his head on the front of the bus
    and that way every1 else will obey the rules. the God of war SunTzu once
    said ( if the order are unclear it’s the fault of the general,but if the
    orders are clear then it’s the fault of Subordinate officer)

  14. Wushhuismylife

    Or alternatively take em all to the bush and mass murder them coz these
    kind of people are truly worthless to live on this planet it’s just extra
    weight and energy consuming they will be more beneficial if they are dead
    their body can be good source of compost and the world can be greener . or
    option B ( make ethics and moral compulsory subject at Australian schools )

  15. sydnytrainspotter

    That it? I would go fucking Raul Menendez on them. Grab a SPAS-12 shotgun
    and a machete and annihilate the cunts.

  16. TRanceifyable

    Yeah ok? What about the bus driver in Strathfield who replied to me with
    “Can’t you fucking read?” When I asked him if he was going to Homebush.
    Treat people with respect Mr bus drivers.

  17. TRanceifyable

    So we can’t carry guns or knives to protect ourselves? What the fuck are we
    supposed to do now? The government has cut back on all city rail security,
    leaving more people out in the open for these scum bags. I carry a knife

  18. abdulk809

    fuking pople

  19. Riddle Me

    Lol, who cares

  20. Steven Jung

    Fucking Aussie!~

  21. Arnold Strong

    Did you know if you don’t drive your poor that means your more likely to be
    targeted for domestic crimes like harassment, teasing, beaten up, mugged
    even killed.

    Lucky for woman and underage adults also children are safe from being
    targeted by any assault or harassment from anywhere in Australia because
    the law and government does not care too much about men’s right neither
    they believe whatever they say is true only to believe the community they
    think be more of a target being weak ‘woman, children and underage adults’.

    Although police do come and sought situations like these harassment,
    bullying, street fights and abuse anywhere at anytime but more the power
    and respect goes towards females ‘woman, children, underage adults even
    elderly and disabled including the people suffering severe medical problems
    that proves to the law they are weak to any abuse they cannot defend’. For
    men under the age of 50 even younger in their 20s, 30s beware the law,
    government ‘police, security’, community, media even the church don’t
    respect men.

    Pointless voting, going to pray at any religious house like the church even
    defending the country in the army or defender force you have no rights
    because of your gender being a man and age be adult.

    Why should you respect others like the law, government and communities like
    Christians believe men don’t deserve to have rights even if they due not
    commit any crime but involved no one would believe them.

    Why should men respect woman’s, children’s, elderly and people have severe
    disabilities if the law only respects them only including church,
    government and media to?

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