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Seven News – Sydney Dust Storm

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  1. Aaron Laguda

    Thanks for posting this .. Its great for us auzzies overseas to see the

  2. Shaun

    i woke up at 5am, noticed something outside and the sky was almost blood
    red at Glenwood

  3. talk2malawyer


  4. expansion17

    Wow what poetic reporting by Channel 7. Now I remember why that is the
    first time I’ve watched it in months.

  5. Kingkong922

    I love Seven news.

  6. mystyle076

    lol will happen once in a life time

  7. wickedlasers

    lmao at the news report

  8. clubpenguin777

    I accidently left a window open that night lol

  9. MichaelJacksonFan000

    I wish it happens again this month. Almost a year now!

  10. MizzHelena

    a year ago today!… wont ever forget it

  11. peterkuhf

    Nothing can beat the The Netherlands and England news stations

  12. Phaugirl

    I remember this!! I woke up about 7 at the morning and look at the window.
    Everything outside was red, the first thing I said was; “Oh my god!!
    There’s a dust storm”. Some of the people at school thought it was the end
    of the world. This is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, something I’ll
    never forget! 🙂

  13. DDofCourage

    Sydney is Gallifrey!

  14. K Stanford

    I was laughing at people wearing face masks thinking they were paranoid,
    but then I developed the worst hay fever of my life, had to take the whole
    week off work..

  15. perfecttomato14

    How the hell could the Red Mist turn car Headlights Blue?

  16. Rhain Radford-Burns

    Shit. Did New South Wales open their trophy cupboard AGAIN?!

  17. GazzaOak

    I randomly woke up, and i saw a red thingy out there……. i said what the
    fuck have i been smoking, or is it for real…..

  18. Nick Hannaford

    Man our news tries to make this sound like an epic poem sort of embarrassing

  19. Volt Innocentuy

    some one in Sydney NSW left all his windows open that night LAMFO and LOL !

  20. lameSHlT

    God Seven News is awful.

  21. MikeCuzzy91

    One of the coolest weather events in recent memory 🙂

  22. Jk son

    God damn looks like the Winter in beijing

  23. Lambda Lifts NZ

    I was affected by that, couldn’t fly out of Christchurch to go and visit my
    grandparents on the Central Coast

  24. Hephaestus84

    ‘The sky turned to blood … the mouth of Luna Park looked like the gateway
    to Hell.’ Wow chill Seven.

  25. Kyoya Shinosai Kusaka

    it look like an Alien earth like planet who compose of Orange Hazed or is
    it Titan Surface (Saturn Largest moons)

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