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[Seven News Sydney] Graffiti Vandals dicing with death – 7/6/2013

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  1. Mango Tunes

    Mabey if the guy wasnt filming they wouldnt of ran onto the tracks and
    would be more smart … fuckin people filming think they make it better
    what if a train came and they ran because u were filming them and they got

  2. dazg dakees

    Agreed v

  3. ookland81

    AAFarm199. If the guys you so quickly defend were not on the tracks doing
    this graffiti they could not be recorded. I can assure you I would also
    film them and post it on line if the opportunity ever presented its self
    because other than vandalising public and private property these people
    have no reservations recording other people. People make choices in life.
    If the choices these guys make cost them their life, that is their

  4. Bardia Junior

    People make graffiti such a big deal. Just get over it, graffiti

  5. Bardia Junior

    Is never gonna stop

  6. ewok bomer

    I no fuk the law

  7. menu1

    fuck this shit

  8. RAPSO Graffiti

    мне по на закон )

  9. runescapefisher

    Thats the problem right there , you all think were the same , but were not
    , others do you to destroy stuff some do it for the art , dont judge a book
    by its cover , all my friends who wright are most Honorable people and most
    kind towards others , but if someone tries to stop us painting and try to
    record and shit , obviously we turn violent because we dont want to get
    caught , we want to get in and out without being noticed … , look on the
    otherside for once

  10. ookland81

    Kid. If you own the train / railway (or where ever it is that you go to
    vandalise) then you would have every right to be upset. But no not the
    children in this video. Yes you are all the same. You twist reality. It may
    be in your eyes art but in my eyes its rubbish.. If you are in fear of
    being caught that says you know in your self that it is wrong. That is not
    rocket science. Not that any of the security companies are complaining. You
    are filling their wallets.

  11. FaTnICk291

    It costs $1 for 1 litre of graffiti removal chemicals, and the buffers get
    paid like 7 bucks an hour and it would probably take half an hour to remove
    it… So thousands of dollars of damage my ass!!!!

  12. MrHaz

    Fuck the transport minister I wanna get her flags and grate her own face
    with them

  13. MrHaz

    Takes like 2 seconds to get rid of marker 

  14. AOKdcKREW

    Thanks so much for posting this! Now we know to be more careful while doin’
    our work!

  15. James Lloyd

    Some Graffiti is real good and looks nice but ones that have just squiggle
    names like
    ANdr3W with crowns n shit is just terrible 

  16. Inconvenientruths

    Why the hell is 7 showing this crap? By showing this it may prevent one of
    these immature little short cocks getting the chop. I think most people
    would agree that they don,t give a toss about the death of a criminal, the
    more that get the chop the better.

  17. Ohh Smurf

    You no the buffers would have no job if vandalism wasn’t present.

  18. MrZukm

    ima writer but honestly if you as a citizen don’t have better thing to do
    then worry that some kids are writing there names on a train you need to
    really rethink what you’re doing with yourself. and don’t say that it costs
    you money it costs less to just clean it then to got to trial and prison
    where you take small time offenders and turn them into dangerous criminals.
    and don’t be like “well if you didn’t do graffiti that would be best” that
    will never happen so just take the cheapest and best case scenario. clean
    it up or better yet just leave it… who’s it hurting?

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