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Seven News Sydney – NSW Storms (Segment 1)

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  1. anchorman87

    LOL, that first headline on the ticker is re: apris hilton. odd considering
    that this is a special weather bulletin!

  2. cartmanvideos

    Yeah, I thought the same thing actually. Personally, I think Seven News
    should have kept the ticker headlines limited to news on the NSW storms.

  3. mitchiev91

    was this only shown in sydney?

  4. cartmanvideos

    Yes it was, and perhaps maybe Prime in regional NSW too. But it didn’t air

  5. JohnTACT

    Yeah, here in Canberra, we got this update too. Ironically, near Canberra,
    it was near blue sky whilst this update was playing!

  6. AntonioAzz

    it wasnt first, it was just a coincidence it landed on that story, you can
    see another story behind it

  7. mubd1234

    Ironic how they use a sunny sydney in the opener when live background
    camera has rain on the lens…very disorienting!

  8. phileustace

    Samantha is hotter than Samantha Fox !!

  9. Clifford Hallett

    Hey Samantha wat does most ferocious mean?

  10. keefe2134

    Hey she didn’t talk and she talked

  11. TheDeano2712

    I wish 7news wuld re-Upload this storyy hate it wen the voise is delayedd

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