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Seven News Sydney opener and closer 19th Oct 2006

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  1. AntonioAzz

    Ian Ross is the bomb, he’s cool

  2. anchorman87

    Why do people in Sydney and Melbourne like such dull newsreaders, here in
    Adelaide our co-anchored bulletins are just so much better, same in
    Brisbane and Perth. Ian Ross, Mark Ferguson, Peter Hitchener are all just
    so boring. Give me Jane Doyle/John Ridelle or Kay McGrath/Rd Young anyday!

  3. Rob Bellman

    To anchorman87. I don’t see any comparison for Adelaide news to Melbourne
    and Sydney. Ten News Adelaide is not even produced out of Adelaide and when
    I was in Adelaide I did not see one newsreader worthy of the wow factor.
    Melbourne and Sydney have always been the leaders when it comes to top
    range newsreaders. Mal Walden and Helen Kapalos(the greek goddess), Who
    reads Ten News Adelaide, George Donikian and the plain Rebecca Morse.

  4. anchorman87

    I agree Mal Walden and Helen Kapalos are really good, nut George is an icon
    and Rebecca has really imrpvoed since joining ten. People like peter
    hitchener, jo hall, brett mccloud are just aweful news readers, with no
    sense of personality. The ABC is probably the only service which has
    bbetter presenters in melbourn than adelaide.

  5. anchorman87

    ‘he does his job and get the job done’, well yes just not with anything
    special. Bath should have been made anchor years ago.

  6. anchorman87

    what tripe. of course they wouldn’t now, they are olde and settled in their
    roles. 20 years ago, if the winds had blown another way, they might be
    somewhere else…

  7. anchorman87

    on what grounds do you make this assenment? though I do suppose Melbourne
    especially likes news readers with the personalities of a brick (Hitchener,
    Hall…). Though even Melb ourne doesn;t hold a candle to Sydney. The
    Sydney nws is the highest anybody cabn go, Melbourne is just another

  8. anchorman87

    oh I know Australia very well. Sydney is top dog, it’s where it’s at.
    Melbourne tries, as does Brissy a bit, Perth and Adelaide are kind just
    there and the rest are just sorta left out. the point of being the flagship
    is that there is one. Melb likes to think they are on par with SYdney, but
    alas, they’re always going to be the bridesmaid, never the bride…

  9. SouthWestFilmsOnLine

    RIP Ian Ross´╗┐

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